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Dog Stuck in Culvert Generates Major Response

Braxton County citizens love their animals, few more than Kim Whittington Jarrett, Braxton County’s Animal Control Office. On Father’s Day, Jarrett received a call of a dog stuck in a culver on Burnsville Road which prompted her quick response to investigate.
“Once I got there, I realized I needed help to get this dog free and it was a critical situation,” explained Jarrett. “I radioed for assistance and the Burnsville Volunteer Fire Department, along with local law enforcement officers came to the rescue.”
The joint forces worked tirelessly for quite some time to free the animal from the confines if the metal culvert and get it proper medical attention. Those efforts were successful, and the tired dog is now safe at the Braxton County Animal Shelter where officials are attempting to locate the owner.
Those taking part in the unusual rescue in addition to Jarrett, were the Burnsville Volunteer Fire Department, Sutton Detachment of the West Virginia State Police and the Braxton County Sheriff’s Department.
“They all worked so hard to save this tired dog, and they were able to get him free. On behalf of the Braxton County Animal Shelter and myself, we are very grateful for everything these agencies do to help our communities and our county,” she concluded.