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City National Issues Warning Regarding Holiday Scams

Along with sales and once-a-year deals, the holiday season also brings about something not so merry – a greater number of scam attempts, warns the staff of the local City National Banks branches.
Common scams include emails, text messages and social media posts with fake coupons, gift cards, e-cards, advertisements and shipping notifications, as well as “fraud alerts” claiming to be from your financial institution.
Here are some things to remember to protect yourself against scams this holiday season:
• Never disclose personal information, account numbers and PIN numbers with anyone who contacts you.
• Don’t call the phone number in an unsolicited text, email, or voice mail.
• If someone contacts you claiming there is fraud or another problem with your bank account, call the bank yourself at a phone number you know to be legitimate.
• Don’t follow unsolicited links, and don’t download attachments from unknown sources.
• Legitimate businesses will not ask you to send money to yourself or someone else as part of a contest, giveaway or transaction.
• When making a purchase online, verify your payment method includes purchase protection and do not use a person-to-person payment service.
• And as always – If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
“If you are ever unsure if a communication you receive is from City, contact your local branch or our Customer Care Center at 888-816-8064. We’re here to help keep your personal and financial information safe and secure,” concludes a representative.