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Spurgeon Friend Pleads Guilty to Burglary

The Honorable Richard A. Facemire recently completed several court orders in the Braxton County Circuit Court. Braxton County Prosecuting Attorney Jasmine R.H. Morton and Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Dara A. Acord represented the state in the proceedings. Mike Haley, Jacob Foster, Deandre Williams, and Tyler Morlan were also present for some of the hearings on behalf of the Braxton County Probation Office.
On May 11, Spurgeon Glen Friend appeared in court with his attorney Tyler Cottrill. Before the start of the jury trial, the defendant accepted the plea agreement offered by the state. Friend pled guilty to the felony offense of burglary. The state agreed to recommend an alternative sentence and to dismiss the other charge in the indictment.
Vincent Franklin Harris and attorney Tyler Cottrill came before Judge Facemire for a plea hearing. The defendant entered a guilty plea to the felony offense of unlawful assault. The state agreed to dismiss the indictment for voluntary manslaughter and to reserve the right to argue for incarceration at sentencing.
Judge Facemire accepted both plea agreements and set the sentencing hearings for July 11.
On May 9, Sabrina E. Bookheimer appeared in court on a hearing for probation revocation. She was represented by Andrew Shaffer. She admitted to the allegations contained in the petition to revoke probation. After the court revoked her probation, her attorney requested she be sentenced to serve her time as she is close to completing it with the credit for time served on both home confinement and in jail. Bookheimer was sentenced to two years on the felony charge of fourth degree arson. She was given 452 days of credit against her sentence.
On May 5, Stephen Eugene Cutlip and his attorney David Karickhoff appeared before Judge Facemire for a sentencing hearing. The defense requested probation or an alternative sentence saying he had accepted responsibility for his actions. The state stood silent per the plea agreement. The court found Cutlip in need of correctional treatment and would likely reoffend if granted an alternative sentence. On the felony offense of burglary, the defendant was sentenced to one to fifteen years in prison.
Tanya Marie Conrad came to court with her attorney Jonathan Fittro for a sentencing hearing. Conrad asked the court for an alternative sentence as she had entered an in-patient drug treatment program voluntarily. The state stayed silent per the plea agreement. The court granted her request and suspended the two to ten year sentence for possession of fentanyl with intent to deliver. Conrad is to be admitted to probation for a period of five years.
Betsy Lynn Cogar appeared in court with attorney David Karickhoff for a plea hearing. On the felony charge of possession of fentanyl with intent to deliver, she entered a guilty plea. The state, as their part of the agreement, would stand silent at sentencing and dismiss remaining charges against the defendant. The court set the sentencing hearing on June 1 after accepting the plea agreement.
On April 26, Ashlan Nicole Rogers came before Judge Facemire with her attorney Eric Wildman for a petition to revoke probation. The defendant admitted to the allegations in the petition. Therefore, the court revoked her probation. The defense requested Rogers be re-admitted to probation with the state agreeing with inpatient drug treatment as a term and condition. The court ordered Rogers to serve 120 days then be re-admitted to probation for a period of seven years.