Filing period for May Primary Election opens

The filing period for potential candidates for the Primary Election officially began Monday, January 10. Those wishing to have their name on the May 10th Primary Election ballot will have to make their intentions known by January 29.

In Braxton County three major positions and three Board of Education seats will be up for grabs.

Each party will choose their representatives for the offices of County Clerk, County Commission and Circuit Clerk. Those nominees will compete in the November General Election.

Only one of the three County Commission seats are open. That seat is currently held by Lisa Godwin. Due to the constitutional requirement that no more than two commissioners may reside in any single magisterial district, potential candidates must come from either the southern or northern districts.

The Board of Education will choose three new members. Since the contest is non-political, party affiliation is not a factor. The election of those representatives will actually take place during the Primary Election. The same is true of Conservation District supervisor. Each party will elect members of their respective Executive Committees during the May election as well.

Fees vary for the different offices and must be paid at the time of registration. They are set by State Code. The fee to vie for the position of County or Circuit Clerk is $595.32. A hopeful for the office of County Commissioner must pay $391.78 to register. Board of Education registration fees are set at $25, while it cost $10 to run for the office Conservation District Supervisor or County Executive Committee.

Anyone wishing to register for the one of the available seats may do so at the County Clerk’s Office during regular business hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The office will also observe special hours for those wishing to file on the last day, January 29. Officials will accept applications between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Applications postmarked on or before January 29 will also be accepted by mail.

Any questions pertaining to the election or the offices that will be contested should be directed to the office of Sue Rutherford County Clerk in person or by calling 304-765-2833.

County Commissioner Lisa Mace Godwin was the first to make her intentions known by filing early Monday morning for re-election.