Tree Service called in by West Virginia
District VII Roads to clear hazardous trees
in Braxton County and Lewis Counties

“We all know about the high winds we have had recently this December, said Robert Chumney of Hettie Road in Braxton County, and at the top of Green Hill Road I had to report several trees that had broken off and were hanging dangerously over the road making that section unsafe for travel.”
“In a few days three guys showed up from Integrity Tree Services and made short work of a serious problem, reported Chumney. I learned that while this Tree Service is based in Grandville MI, they preform work in 7 mid-western states and most importantly have a base in Dunbar, West Virginia.”
Richard Holland has 32 years in the tree service industry, and I watched him cut the last overhanging tree from his extended bucket truck high overhead.
He told me that his crew is under the leadership of general foreman, Brandon Lilly from Raleigh County.
I also learned that Integrity Tree Services has its largest satellite office is in Dunbar, WV, currently with about 16 crews actively working in West Virginia right now.
Mike Cutright, was proud of his tenure with Integrity and stated that we have extremely high safety ratings, with a very low employment turnover rates and our company really works hard on mentoring and investing their workers.
There is lots of room for advancement and we are growing and actively hiring all over the state here in West Virginia.
We offer many opportunities for professional development and advancement for our team members. We have several basic career paths; team members can graduate from an entry-level tree trimmer or equipment operator position and participate in training and development to eventually become a Foreman.
Cutright added, “The estimated timeline for this career growth is relatively short around 30 months, depending on training and experience requirements. (If interested in employment just check out our website and click on the section “join our team”)
Best of all Integrity offers bonuses, pay increases, and other benefits to encourage team members in their development which contributes to keep turnover rates.”
Brandon Boothe who has been with the company for one year said, “Here in West Virginia our work crews’ partner with departments of transportation to help keep roadways clear of overgrowth or dangerous trees and even clear rights of way for new roads to be built. But mostly our maintenance teams are all about keeping roads safe for travel.
We even work with forest services around the mid-west to create firebreaks to help protect them from destruction by forest fires.”
Cutright went on stating, that “Integrity Tree Services, is 23 years old and was founded in 1998. We also provide services to electric utilities and municipalities here in West Virginia, but we don’t engage in individual residential work.
“These gentlemen told me they have actually done work in 17 states and will most likely be sending crews to help in Kentucky where that 250-mile-long tornado created such devastation.
I would like to thank District VII of the WV Department of Transportation for contracting and taking care of this safety issue up here in Northeastern Braxton and Southern Lewis County.” finished, Robert Chumney.