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Abbreviated article…

My column will be short this week. I’m sure some of my critics won’t mind. Our production schedule this issue caught me. As you can see, some of the space that would normally be devoted to this writing, contains an ad. At the last minute we realized that this ad had been omitted, unfortunately for me, there weren’t any other pages that hadn’t been shipped to the printer, so we had to improvise.
I will hold some of my thoughts for a later date, but I do want to follow up on a topic discussed here previously. The account of the most recent Board of Education meeting on page 3 of this issue, references comments made that pertain to this paper’s filing of a Freedom of Information request to obtain a copy of the report of how the board members viewed the performance of their duties. Kathy Parker stated that there was nothing to hide and that the documents were public information. I couldn’t agree more. What I don’t understand is why the report was denied to us in the first place. The Open Meetings Law is clear; documents reviewed, discussed or presented in an open meeting must be made available to the public upon request. I am also rather put out that my request for a timely response, when I brought the same to their attention was ignored, forcing me to file the FOI request. Like all elected officials, it is not the right of the Board of Education to decide what is good for the public to know. If the Board of Education is serious about wanting the public to trust them, then this is clearly not a path they should go down.
From what I hear on multiple fronts, public trust in the Board of Education is at an all-time low. If this is going to change, and it should, the Board and system administration must be more responsive to the public and press.

Will return soon...


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