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In this weeks edition:

A wonderful boat ride, sort of…
With the warm summer-like temperatures of recent days Jeanine wanted to try out her new boat that we recently purchased. Of course, it’s not really a new boat. In fact it’s a 1998 model. I discovered the boat on the internet in mid-summer. I negotiated with the owner until he finally decided to take my offer.
We traveled to York, PA week before last to pick it up. We put it in the water the following weekend but the weather didn’t cooperate so she hadn’t had the opportunity to try it out.
On Wednesday afternoon I found some time so we left the office early for a nice end of the season boat ride. Mary Hunt and Karen Swiney joined us as did daughter Allison and little Ella. We loaded up the boat, bought some gas since we didn’t know for sure if the gauge worked and set out to enjoy the sunshine. Everything went well… in the main channel we stopped to speak to our friends Bill and Sheree Cogar who had also decided to take advantage of the exceptional weather.
All was going well and Jeanine suggested we go further up the main channel. Being a new boat, to us, I had my reservations. However, after more than 40 years of marriage, I have learned when to argue with my wife and I quickly determined that this wasn’t one of those times. Everything was going fine until just after we passed the railroad trestle. The boat sputtered a couple of times and then the engine died. Attempts to restart it were in vain. I eventually determined that I probably had water in the fuel, based on the way it was acting.
Of course, other than Bill and Sheree we only saw a couple of other boats before the our’s stopped and they were going in the opposite direction. I knew we were in trouble. Of course none of our, five, cell phones had any service. So we had no option other than to wait.
Ella Jean had fun for the first 30 minutes or so. Once the brownie and chips that Karen brought were gone she quickly became restless. I must admit that I was pretty frustrated as well.
As luck would have it, the boat drifted down stream a little and Karen’s phone found a cell tower. She called Sutton Lake Marina and had Tonya to see if our friend Jerry Martin could mount a rescue mission. She no more than concluded that call than her phone rang. It was Bill Cogar. He said that Sheree wouldn’t let him leave the lake because she hadn’t seen us headed back to the docks. He wanted to know if everything was OK. We explained our situation and in typical Bill Cogar fashion, he said it would be right after us. We called back to the Marina, but Jerry had apparently headed out as well.
Within a few minutes we saw Bill and Sheree coming around the bend, followed closely behind by Jerry. We all transferred to Bill’s pontoon and lashed Jeanine’s boat to the side for the tow.
Towing a boat is a relatively slow process and not too far down stream Allison realized that we weren’t going to be back in time for her pick Sam up from football practice. Jerry again sprang to the rescue and took her and Ella in his much faster fishing boat.
Even though the trip could have been a disaster, it wasn’t thanks to good friend like Jerry, Bill and Sheree. The remainder to the trip was very enjoyable as the girls visited while Bill and I discussed important stuff. It was truly enjoyable spending much of the afternoon with them, which goes to prove that even the worst of circumstances can be a blessing.

Will return soon...


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