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Legislative Update…

By Lori Dittman WV House of Delegates 63rd District The House of Delegates adjourned Saturday, March 11th, at midnight, after another history-making regular legislative session.A total of 332 bills completed[Read More…]

Braxton Magistrate Report

Magistrate Beth SmithMarch 8: Sherry Landers of Buckhannon, shoplifting, guilty plea, fine/court costs/restitution assessed; Deborah E. Robinson of Napier, expired registration, dismissed proof provided; Candace Jean Conrad of Glenville, false[Read More…]

Session Over…

Well, the 2023 regular Legislative Sessionconcluded Saturday night. Now it’s waitand see before determining if the sessionwas productive or not. Several interestingthings occurred.After a major push early in the session,by[Read More…]