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WV Bigfoot Festival Sets Attendance Record

This year marked the fourth consecutive year for the West Virginia Bigfoot Festival. The 2024 edition was held June 27-29 at Holly-Gray Park. The festival hosted approximately 200 vendor spaces, food trucks, live music, Bigfoot speakers, Bigfoot calling contests, and so much more.
“It went extremely well” said David Petolicchio, one of the event owners and managers.
“There were a lot of challenges and logistical issues I intend to fix next year, but in terms of the general response with the public it was extremely successful!”
The event staff is roughly estimating a crowd of 15,000 – 20,000 guests having attended across the three day event. Many of the speakers and special guests plan to return next year.
Laurel and David Petolicchio, owners of The West Virginia Bigfoot Museum and the festival, would like to thank Go-Mart, Little General, and Lockard’s as our sponsors as well as a special thank you to Shannon Rhodes for helping us set up the event.
“We would also like to thank our staff and event manager, Erin Ferguson for all of her work.
A very special thank you goes out to Caleb and Monica Harper with Holly-Gray Park for allowing the organizers to rent the park for the large event and stepping up and helping out when needed,” said Petolicchio.
Event announcements and next year’s dates will be released in the next few weeks.
For more information, follow The West Virginia Bigfoot Museum on Social media or visit their museum in person at 400 4th Street, Sutton WV 26601.