Burnsville Youth Named Braxton EMS Hero at Commission Meeting

A special presentation took place at last Friday’s Braxton County Commission meeting. One of the first to address the body was EMS Director Tiffany Prior who introduced Koltin Marks of Burnsville. Prior explained that earlier this year Koltin awoke one morning to realize his mother was experiencing a medical emergency and needed assistance.
The director explained that not only did the 13-year-old have the foresight to call 9-1-1, but he also called his father at work, went across the street to alert his grandmother and even called his mother’s place of employment to alert them that she would not be at work. In addition, the young man provided vital information when the Braxton Ambulance Service crew arrived.
“This young man is a role model for others. He did everything exactly as he should have. These ingredients make the EMS crew’s job easier and added to a positive outcome which was the case here. On behalf of Braxton EMS, we are pleased to present Koltin Marks with the Braxton EMS Hero Award.
Koltin is the son of Toni and Kevin Marks.
Debbie Friend, representing the Holly Gray Park Board of Directors, came before the Commission to talk about the “Be Health Grant” the park wanted to apply for.
Friend explained that there were grant funds available for health activities and food initiatives that the park hoped to apply for. She explained that the funding would go to construction of an ADA accessible fishing pier at the pond nearest the dining hall, park benches, a disc golf course and gravel to enhance the walking trails.
Following the explanation, the representative further elaborated on the fact that the county would need to be the physical lead to apply for the project grant. After hearing the presentation, Larry Clifton made a motion to participate with the Park Board in applying for funding for the improvements.
Chris Shorthall, representing Mid-State Archers gave the Commission an update on activities at their facility and grant funding they were pursuing.
Gabby Gregory, Executive Director of the Braxton County Development Authority, was next to address the body. She explained that it was time to renew the contract with Matt Ward and his company Strategic Strategies of Washington, DC. She explained that this will be the fourth year that Ward has been employed as a grant writer for the County. During that time, he has brought in or assisted with the county receiving nearly $20 million in grant funding. Gregory stated that the fee would again be $60,000 for the coming year and requested that the Commission join BCDA in splitting the cost. Following the discussion, the group unanimously voted to continue the contract with Ward’s company.
In other action, the Commission approved the short form settlements for the following as presented by the Fiduciary Supervisor: Sylvia M. Allen, Dottie L. Burns, Terry Lee Dean, Mary Lucille Demastus, Mary Frame Jones, Linda McLaughlin, Anita Moore and Timothy P. Withrow.
An application for correction of erroneous assessment was approved for Keith Allen Dennison.
Two purchase orders came before the Commission for consideration. Both were approved via separate motions. American Garage Door LLC will make repairs to the doors at the 9-1-1 complex at a cost of $2,309.00. Huffman Electric Inc. will replace 4 outside parking lot lights at the building at a cost of $1,260.00.
The Commission officially accepted the resignation/retirement of John Hoffman as OES/9-1-1 Director effective June 30. That letter appeared in last week’s Citizens’ News.
The Commission reviewed a request from the 9-1-1 Advisory Board to reappoint John David Jordan, Randy Conrad and Trevor Harper to their group. All three were reappointed.
Sheriff Lou DellaMea presented a letter to the Commission requesting permission to hire Harley Vest as a full-time Deputy. The Sheriff told the Commission that Vest was certified through the West Virginia State Police Academy and would start on June 24 at $34,500 per year. The new hire will serve a 90-day probationary period.
A budget revision was approved as submitted by the County Clerk.
The Commission also authorized the renew package for the 2024-25 fiscal year with WV Corp Insurance to insure county properties.
The Commission approved the County and EMS bills for payment and the minutes of their June 7 meeting as presented.
The final item on the agenda was once again “Discuss Fact Finding on EMS Issues and Personnel.” Larry Clifton made a motion at 9:24 a.m. to adjourn into an executive session for the discussion. The meeting reconvened in regular session at 10:35 a.m. No action was taken, and the meeting adjourned. The next regular meeting of the Braxton County Commission will be held on July 5 beginning at 9:00 a.m.