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OES/9-1-1 Director submits resignation

An executive session regarding “OES/9-1-1 Personnel Issues” was saved until the end of last Friday’s regular Braxton County Commission meeting. A motion by Larry Lifton set the wheels in motion for the closed-door session at 9:54 a.m. The executive session concluded at 10:45 a.m. when the Commission reconvened in regular session and adjourned. However, OES/9-1-1 Director John Hoffman told the Citizens’ News that he presented the Commission with a letter announcing his retirement/resignation effective June 30 during that meeting. Hoffman stated that other issues pertaining to his job performance and personnel were also discussed during the near hour-long private session. Hoffman’s letter can be found on page 2 of this issue.

First to address the Commission at their June 7 meeting was Tiffany Prior, EMS Director. Prior gave the body a report of the Ambulance Services’ activities for the month of May. She also requested that the county revisit the issue of financial assistance to EMS. Larry Clifton made a motion to continue that assistance if necessary.

John Hoffman presented the Commission with the activity reports for his agencies for the month of May. He also ask and received permission to advertise for the position of maintenance/janitor. Hoffman received permission to hire Amanda Rhodes as a part-time dispatcher trainee at a rate of $10 per hour. That request was also approved.

Megan Stout, with the Braxton County Animal Shelter, was next to address the Commission. She detailed the many benefits of recent training she and Floyd Cunningham attended. Stout also requested permission for she and Cunningham be allowed to attend an upcoming ACCA Euthanasia Training. She explained the financial benefit to the county before the request was granted.

Commission President Lisa Godwin presented Stout with a certificate from the Animal Control and Care Academy (ACCA) for satisfactorily completing a recent investigative course and obtaining a perfect score of 100% on the final exam.

Laurel Petolicchio gave the Commission a report on the Bigfoot Festival that will be held on June 27-29 at Holly Gray Park. She stated that the festival should definitely be the largest to date and that the expanded time frame would allow for more activities and speakers. She stated that organizers had received 22,000 indications through their website of those who plan to attend. “We are definitely planning on a large turnout,” Petolicchio added.

Eula Harper representing AirMed Care gave the Commission an update on the services her company provides. She asked the Commission to consider endorsing the program and allowing county employees to participate through payroll deductions. Later in the meeting, Larry Clifton made a motion to allow county employees to participate in the air ambulance program.

Chad Morrison, CEO of Mountaineer Food Bank appeared before the Commissoin to request funding for the Mobile Food Pantries that will be held in the county. He requested $5,000 as a match for other monies that will fund the give-a-way program. Larry Clifton introduced action to approve the request.

Sarah Rexroad addressed the Commission on voter precinct changes in the southern end of the county that had caused voters to drive by one polling location on their way to the one where they were registered. County Clerk Sue Rutherford asked election specialist Shelia Butler to explain the issue. She stated that the state is requiring county clerks to go by the district maps when assigning voter precincts. She added that in some locations voters would travel past one polling location to get to where they were assigned, but that assignment was based on where they actually lived. She added that her office was reviewing individuals such as Rexroad described and that some had been changed. Buttler said that review is continuing. Rexroad requested that the Commission look into the matter to see if additional steps could be taken to make it easier on the voters.

In other action, the Probate appointments for the month of May were approved as presented.

Two applications for corrections of erroneous assessments were approved. Both were for St. Mary’s Refining Company.

Applications for consolidation of contiguous tracts of land for tax purposes were approved for Joshua Lunceford and Riverhouse WV LLC.

Three purchase orders came before the Commission for consideration. All three were approved. The 9-1-1 center will purchase ASIS NVR equipment and training costing $12,200 from Intuitive Date & Technical Products; the Sheriff’s office will purchase uniforms from All American Uniforms at a cost of $514,98; the OES/9-1-1 office will purchase a Dell Optiplex PC and accessories from GTS at a cost of $1,317.60.

Internal and External budget revisions were approved as presented for the Sheriff’s office and County Clerk as presented.

Separate motion authorized the use of the County P-Card for County Commissioners and Staff to attend the State Auditor’s Inservice Training at Canaan Valley Resort on August 11-13. The training cost $275 per person while lodging will cost $107 per room per night.

A motion was made and approved to accept the recommendation of the Braxton County Board of Health to appoint Carolyn Hoover to a vacancy on the board.

Following the reading of the proclamation, the Commission approved June 10-16 as National Men’s Health week in Braxton County.

The Commission approved the property valuation report as provided by WVCorp for insurance purposes.

A work order for elevator annual safety testing to TK Elevator Corp was a approved at a total cost of $6,190.

The commission approved the County and EMS bills for payment and the minutes of their May 17 and May 29 meetings before adjourning into an executive session.

The next regular meeting of the Braxton County Commission will be on June 21 at 9:00 a.m.