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Grand Jury indicts 9

On Tuesday, June 4, the new term of the Braxton County Grand Jury convened with the Honorable Michael Asbury, Circuit Court Judge presiding. The jury returned indictments against nine individuals on a total of 41 various charges. Braxton County Prosecuting Attorney Dwayne Vandevender presented the cases to the grand jury on behalf of the State of West Virginia.

Brian Allen Woody, 40 of Craigsville, was indicted and charged with attempted murder and seven counts of malicious assault. West Virginia State Trooper Brandi Wiley presented the evidence to the grand jury. She responded to a complaint from the Central Regional Jail on January 23. The accused had stabbed another inmate seven times with an unknown object.

John Camden Rhodes, 41 of Sutton, was indicted on eight charges, three counts each of domestic battery and domestic assault, and one count each arson, fourth degree and destruction of property. In October 2023, the defendant tried to burn down a resident on Orchard Lane. A physical altercation occurred with individuals at the home. Braxton County Deputy Levi Cochran provided the evidence to the grand jury.

In August 2023, WVSP Senior Trooper Caleb Harper headed up an investigation into online soliciting. Wyatt James Lucas, 29 of Sutton was ultimatley charged. He is facing two counts of soliciting a minor using a computer and two counts of using obscene matter to solicit a minor.

Zachary Allen Canfield, 23 and Misty Keener, 23, both of Sutton, were indicted by the grand jury on charges of child neglect with injury, child abuse with injury, gross child neglect and conspiracy. In July 2023, WVSP SGT Brandon Smith led the investigation of an infant child suffering from serious injuries at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Doctors there had determined that there was “significant evidence” and a medical history that supports the shaken baby syndrome.

Tonya L. Raulston, 49 of Glenville, has been indicted by the grand jury on two counts of domestic battery, third offense and one count of destruction of property. On April 28, WVSP CPL Phil Huff responded to a domestic dispute. The suspect had been in a fight with two residents in the home and had ripped the telephone and Wi-Fi router from their connections as well as breaking the kitchen table and a small end table.

Colton Lee Chipps, 26 of Crawford, was charged with driving revoked for DUI, third offense, obstructing an officer, and conspiracy. BCSD Deputy Levi Cochran initiated a traffic stop on I-79 after observing a male driving a vehicle entering the interstate without an inspection sticker. When he conducted the stop, a female was in the driver’s seat. The individuals admitted to switching seats. Deputy Cochran ran the driver’s license for Chipps which confirmed his license revoked for two prior driving under the influance convictions.

Parris Diall King, Jr., 26 of Flora, MS was indicted by the grand jury on charges of attempted murder, malicious assault, and two counts of wanton endangerment. BCSD Deputy Andrew Jordan led the investigation of a shooting that occurred on Route 19 near the Blue Bird Bus facility on October 27. One victim had received a gunshot wound to the hip during the altercation.

Steven Foster Paver, 45 of Gassaway, has been indicted on the charges of grand larceny, breaking and entering, and attempting to commit a felony. In June of 2022, WVSP Sr. Tpr. Harper responded to Flint Fields for a reported breaking and entering. The accused had entered through a window at the facility and ransacked the building looking for items to steal. Several items were listed as missing after the property owner conducted an inventory. The officer was able to obtain fingerprints from objects at the scene. This led to the arrest of Paver in March after a report from the WVSP forensics lab matched those prints to the suspect.

(Editor’s Note: The return of an indictment by a Grand Jury indicated that a person has been formally charged by the State with the commission of a crime or crimes. It is an accusation. The U.S. Constitution provides that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty by the State. Upon entering a plea of innocence, persons accused of a crime are entitled to a trial by a jury of their peers. The guilt or innocence of the accused is determined by a Petit Jury, not by means of an indictment by a Grand Jury.)