The Braxton Democrat, Town Meeting

Sutton Town Council Meets

The most recent meeting of the Sutton Town Council was held May 23.
Beth Atkins spoke first about reviewing the yellow lines for parking. She discussed reviewing the current ones and seeing which were needed and which were not. She asked about getting the correct measurements for those at intersections. Atkins also discussed possibly issuing parking permits for business at the cost of $150 per year. She stated she had contacted the Town of Gassaway and that is what they charge.
Next to speak to council members was Shane Whitehair from Region VII with an update on the storm water/sewer project on North Hill Road. He stated he has been in contact with FEMA and official notice of the award should be in mid-June. Region VII should be able to advertise for bids by late summer or early fail. He noted that federal grants do not move fast and there are various variable and factors to consider with the timeline.
Eula Harper, representative with the Air Evac Life team, presented information about her organizations membership and the benefits of joining. Being a member, and having the opportunity available to employees, could relieve added stress during already stressful times for families when air medical services are needed.
Doug Pauley updated council on the renovation project at the old Braxton Motor building. He discussed his request for additional parking spots on the street. He is required to have 25 spots available, one for each unit. However, he will be utilizing part of his actual park area for a “green space” with gazebo that will be for residents and their guests but not the public. The use of the parking area for this has led to his request for the additional parking on the street behind the building. His tax credit application is due at the end of the month and hopes to know by mid-August if the tax credit is approved to move forward. Beth Atkins asked about having a public meeting as was initially discussed. Pauley said he was in contact with the paper about getting advertising out. Atkins also asked if he would be willing to pay for the street parking, to which he agreed.
Last to speak to council was Laurel Petolicchio, co-owner of Mountain Laurel Country Store and the WV Bigfoot Museum, about parking issues. She stated she had tried to address parking issues in the town with council previously and they had not been addressed. Now that council had approved a private business to be allowed spots, she requested council to designate spots for her businesses as well. Council did not address the request directly and discussed the parking issues in the town in general.
Catherine Hoover brought up an issue with cats running loose on Town Hill. Jon Crum noted that there are no specific ordinances addressing cats and maybe that would be an item to address. Recorder Robyn Dolan stated maybe reaching out to the possible owners and they could address the issue before legal action would need to be taken.
Council discussed with Police Chief Harry Teare possibly trading one of the cruisers in for a four wheel drive vehicle. He stated he would reach out to Steven’s Auto in Danville to see what was available since they were a certified vendor through the state. Chief Teare noted that a new Ford Explorer could last the town 12-15 years possibly longer if properly maintained.
Council discussed having a work session with the county commission to discuss property usage.
Municipal Clerk Robin Smith informed council of a recent leak in the remodeled bathroom which has been repaired.
Under regular business, the minutes of the May 9 regular meeting and the May 16 work session were approved as amended by comments from Jon Crum on a motion by Beth Atkins.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:21 pm. The next regular meeting is set for June 13 at 6:00 pm.