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It’s catch-up week…

This time of year, is always a busy one for us. Trying to keep up with year end school activities, get the delinquent tax list in print, publish our graduation supplement, and this year… deal with the election has left little time to rest or plan ahead.

This was one of those weeks when we simply had to flip a coin to determine what articles we would squeeze in. Some were timely and of course that took priority. We are fortunate to have the Democrat-Central coming out on Thursday, so hopefully we can include the items that didn’t make the cut for this deadline on Thursday.

We have purposely tried to keep articles different in both papers. This week it will be a real blessing to have two publications, as we have been juggling about three times the number of stories that we normally look at before sending either of the papers to press.

We will have election coverage in the Democrat as well as articles on some other timely and important matters. The County Commission had a busy session last Friday. That account will also be in this Thursday’s Democrat-Central.

This past Friday was an important time for 133 seniors at Braxton County High School. I didn’t go to graduation in person. My old legs simply are not up to that much walking and standing. However, as I have for the past couple of years, I enjoyed the event, via Braxton Live’s professional coverage. It’s a close second to not being there in person.

One of my granddaughters was among the graduates. She is the fifth that I have had the pleasure to seeing walk across that stage. I can’t help but think about my parents who were never able to see any of their grandchildren graduate from high school. Not only have Jeanine and I been privileged to see five of the ten receive their diplomas, we have also been on hand to see two, and soon to be three, receive their college degrees. We are truly blessed!

With all the work I am already looking forward to the long weekend coming up. I just wish it wasn’t overshadowed with the chaos that follows to publishing two newspapers in a short week. I’ll just try to keep that thought out of my mind and enjoy the time away from the office. Best wishes to you and your family for a safe and enjoyable holiday!