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County Contributes over $100,000 to BCHS Graduates’ Higher Education

Braxton County has continued to step-up in a big way when it comes to helping Braxton County High School students with their higher education. At the recent Scholarship Awards Ceremony, held at BCHS, over $100,000 in scholarships, funded by local individuals, groups and organizations, were awarded.
The largest single scholarship was awarded on behalf of the Remage Family which went to Mark Byerly. The Remage Family Scholarship was established in 2018 in memory of C.R. Remage, by his daughters, Nancy, Elizabeth and Miriam. Mr. Remage was Principal at Gassaway High School and a Superintendent of Braxton County Schools. This is a $3,000 scholarship awarded to a graduate who pursues a secondary education in the field of math or science. Mark Byerly received the award for 2024.
Roy & Barbara Huffman Scholarship is awarded to a student attending Marshal University annually. This year Jeffrey Evans was chosen for the $2,500 award.
The John V. Emerich Scholarship was established in 2001 upon the death of Mr. Emerich, a resident of Braxton County for many years who cared about the youth of his community, this scholarship is awarded to one or more seniors who demonstrate academic achievement, financial need, and have been involved in school and community services. This year Nicole Bramble, Nickolas Brown, Jeffrey Evans, Riley Martin, Mikaya Moore, Erica Nicholson, Mayson Shingler and Lauren White will each receive $1,750.
The Braxton County Rotary Scholarship was established in 1997, the Braxton County Chapter of Rotary International decided, (under the guidance of member Lee Ware), that the civic organization could make no better contribution to the community than to invest in its’ youth. The members continue to support their community and the leaders of tomorrow through these scholarship efforts. This year the group awarded $1,000 scholarships to: Nickolas Brown, Mikaya Moore, Elijah Meckley, Wyatt Dennison, Erica Nicholson, Riley Martin, Sarah Dudley, Jeffrey Evans, Dalaney Haines, and Mayson Shingler.
Evelyn Post Scholarship- Established in 2003 honors students who have overcome adversity and who have displayed tenacity in their pursuit of a post-secondary education, this $1,000 scholarship is given to seniors who have financial need, displays academic achievement, and describes their life challenges in an essay. Nicole Bramble, Jeffrey Evans, Riley Martin, Erica Nicholson, and Lindsay Tetrick will each receive $1,000.
Central WV Aging Services Inc., of which Evelyn Post is Executive Director, awarded two $1,000 scholarships to Adrian Lunceford and Ericka Burton.
American Federation of Teachers: The AFT supports students furthering their education and understands the costs of education, especially on a teacher’s income. The AFT Scholarship gives one scholarship to a student who has an AFT member parent and one for a student going into the field of education. This year Skyler Davis and Abbigayle Crow will receive $250 each.
Braxton Co. American Legion Post 33 Scholarship in the amount of $1,500 this year is awarded to a senior who has at least a 3.0 GPA and has at least one family member who is or was a veteran of any of the Armed Forces. Jeffrey Evans was the recipient.
Braxton Co. Community Educational Outreach Scholarship: Eva K. Bauer, serving as a WVU Extension Agent for many years, felt very strongly about education and seeing that others had the opportunity to learn. Upon her death, the Extension homemakers established an annual scholarship in her honor. This year Mayson Shingler and William Burkowski were awarded $1,000 each.
Gassaway High School Alumni Scholarship- Established in 1994: This scholarship is provided to highly motivated students who plan to attend a WV college, demonstrate financial need and carry at least a 3.5 GPA. Also, the students must reside in the Gassaway area or be descendants of relatives who attended Gassaway High School Gassaway High School Alumni. The $2,000 award can be renewed annually for 3 additional years, if the student meets the criteria. This year’s recipients were SkyLynn Abraham, Caspian Gerwig, Cade Lancaster, Mayson Shingler, and Wyatt Dennison.
Sutton High School Alumni: This scholarship is awarded annually to a deserving senior(s) who are of ancestral lineage of Sutton High School (1906-1969) or would have graduated from Sutton High School had the schools not consolidated. This year Mikaya Moore and Caspian Gerwig will each receive $1,000.
H.G. and Jessie Robinson Scholarship- Established in 1989 in memory of the late H.G. Robinson, and in 2000 in memory of Jessie Robinson, this $1000 scholarship is given annually to a deserving senior to further their education. This scholarship was originally established as Jessie’s way to repay her uncle who financially supported her throughout her education at Glenville State College. The H.G. & Jessie Robinson scholarship winner this year was Sarah Dudley.
Hunter & Michael Lemon Memorial Scholarship was established in 2014 by Hunter’s family and friends which added cousin Michael following his untimely dead in 2023. This is a $1,000 scholarship awarded to Braxton County High School seniors who are furthering their education at a two- or four-year college, trade, or technical school. The award is based on academic performance, extra-curricular activities, and community involvement. This years’ awards went to: Nickolas Brown, Mikaya Moore, Mark Byerly, Sydney Lanagan, Jeffrey Evans.
James Lambert Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of the long-time educator and principal. This year Mayson Shingler, Bradley Meadows, Mikaya Moore, William Burkowski each will receive $1000. Mark Byerly and Erica Nicholson will each receive $500.
Sutton Moose Lodge #825 Scholarships of $1,000 each went to Seth Warner, Devin Brown, Mark Byerly, Morgan Whitney, Landon Stewart, Abbey Toler, Mayson Shingler, SkyLynn Abraham, Paxton Conley, Abbigayle Crow, Erica Hart, Ericka Burton, and Sienna Gwynn.
Ronald (Tony) K. Shuman Scholarship was established in 2005 in memory of Ronald Shuman, a Braxton County educator who dedicated 35 years of his life to the classroom. This $1000 scholarship is awarded to a senior who has carried an average GPA of 3.0 or higher, plans to major in education or is the child of an educator. It was awarded this year to Mikaya Moore.
Gassaway Lions Club Scholarship- The scholarship is awarded to a deserving senior(s) who resides within the 26624-zip code and plans to attend a 2- or 4-year trade, technical school or college. Mayson Shingler and Jeffrey Evans received $1,000 scholarships.
Judy Beane Memorial Scholarship: Established in 2022 in memory of Judy Beane by her husband, Sterling. This scholarship wishes to provide financial assistance for those of good moral character who plan to pursue a career in education and/or agriculture in a 2- or 4-year program. Emily Brown and Mikaya Moore will each receive $1000.
Isaac Stalnaker Memorial Scholarship- This scholarship was established in 2012 and dedicated in memory of Isaac Stalnaker, the son of Lucy Fleming Williams and Gail Stalnaker. At the age of 26, Isaac died as the result of a four-wheeler accident. This year’s winners were Dalaney Haines and Paxton Conley. Each will receive $1000.
Jason Tharp Memorial Scholarship- This scholarship was established to honor the memory of Jason Robert Tharp, who died at the age of 19 during water survival maneuvers at boot camp in Parris Island, SC. The $1,000 awards were given to Erica Nicholson and Wyatt Dennison this year.
Live Like Luke: Luke Adon Campbell Memorial Scholarship is a tribute to his loving character and his willingness to help all. The Scholarship was created with the generous support of family and community. Recipients will be reminded to “Live Like Luke” by offering a smile and a helping hand to everyone they meet! Erica Nicholson, Mayson Shingler, and Mikaya Moore will each receive $1,000.
Mr. T Memorial Scholarship: Established in 2019 upon the passing of Mr. Charlie Toumazos, a science and math teacher at BCHS. This $500 scholarship is awarded to students who exhibit good attendance, work ethic, and have a strong academic record. This year’s honorees were Nicole Bramble, Abbigayle Crow, Wyatt Dennison, Cade Lancaster, Elijah Meckley, Mikaya Moore, Lindsay Tetrick, Abbey Toler, Jadyn Squires, and Skyler Davis.
The Kristy Johnson Memorial Scholarship is a $500 scholarship, established in 2005, in memory of Mrs. Johnson, a dedicated and outstanding teacher at Flatwoods Elementary for 28 years who left a lasting impression on every child she knew. This year’s award went to Mayson Shingler.
Other $1,000 awards included the George T. Hoylman Scholarship winners: Sarah Dudley, Wyatt Dennison, and Bredyan Riffle as well as the Little General Scholarship winner Bradley Meadows.
Additional scholarships generously donated to assist the leaders of tomorrow in the pursuit of their higher education included the Little Birch Elementary Scholarship to Jeffrey Evans in the amount of $500; The Margaret Hoover Memorial Scholarship, $500, to Mayson Shingler; The City National Bank Scholarship to Jeffrey Evans for $500; “I’m Terrific” Miss Patty Memorial Scholarship award of $300 each to Lauren White, SkyLynn SkyLynn Abraham, Adrian Lunceford, and Cade Lancaster.
The American Red Cross awarded $250 to Lauren White. The Braxton County Soccer Club Scholarship in the amount of $250 went to Nickolas Brown.