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Big day…

It was a big day at the Given household last weekend. As I mentioned in this space previously, it was our adopted granddaughter’s wedding day. Sierra has lived with us for around 3-1/2 years while finishing nursing school. She met her husband while attending WV Wesleyan. Josh is from Columbus, Ohio and is currently in grad-school to become a chiropractor in Florida where the newlyweds will live for the next two years.

Josh proposed last year so the two of them planned the wedding. Both his parents as well as Jeanine and I were consolidated along the way, but the discision making was solely in the hands of the bride and groom.

The venue they chose was an old farm on the river in Frazier’s Bottom near Windfield. Josh’s parents did the vast majority of the work, and they did an excellent job. We went down on Friday, Jeanine early and me after work to help with the set up. Of course, the weatherman was predicting rain but Sierra was determined to be married on the river bank… rain or no rain.

As luck would have it, the rains were heavy Saturday morning during the final stages of getting ready. Thankfully, the rain stopped about 1:30… the wedding was set to begin at 2. The skies remained clear for over two hours, which gave plenty of time for the ceremony and pictures.

Not only did Jeanine and I enjoy seeing Josh and Sierra begin their life together, but four of our granddaughters and our great grandson were part of the wedding party.

Granted, Sierra made a beautiful bride but little Memphis in is orange bowtie and suspender kind of stole the show.

The big barn on the property made a great place for the reception. We enjoyed great food, fellowship and lots of pictures with the new Mr. and Mrs. Stewart.

By evening I was tired and ready to head home, which we did. The newlyweds, along with those that didn’t sneak off, cleaned the venue. The adult members of the wedding party opted for a little adult entertainment. The bride and groom couldn’t get very comfortable, as they had to travel 3-1/2 hours back to Columbus to catch a 1:00 p.m. airplane flight back to Florida as Josh has final exams this week and Sierra started her new nursing career on Monday.

We have communicated with them, and they made it. Even Ollie the cat, who had never been out of our house, survived the flight and was adjusting well to his new home in the sunshine state.

I too am more comfortable now that everyone is in their rightful place and we can all begin to settle into the new normal.