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Central WV Aging honors Nancy Flint with retirement dinner

Central West WV Aging Services sponsored a retirement dinner for Nancy Flint, an almost 20-year employee of the organization. Elk River Café in Sutton provided the venue for the meal for Flint and the other employees of the Sutton office.

Evelyn Post, director of Central WV Aging Services. commended Flint on her years of serving the agency as the Sutton office receptionist and office manager. Post explained some of Flint’s duties including running the local office, reporting to the corporate office any problems which needed to be handled on a higher level, and taking referrals for services. “She has been the voice of those who sought in-home care for a loved one,” Post noted. “Nancy has been an excellent employee in every way.”

Flint, who said she truly appreciated the dinner, grew up in Atlanta. “I began work when I was 13,” she said. Her first job was as a car hop for her aunt’s drive-in restaurant. Other jobs at which she worked before she turned 17 and began working as a telephone operator were on a chicken farm and in a textile factory.

She met her husband Lonnie in Germany.  Discussing her move to Sutton, she said simply, “Somehow we ended up in West Virginia, and I’ve always been glad. I love it here.” After moving to West Virginia, she worked for some time as a legal secretary for a local lawyer. Since she wasn’t receiving benefits, she looked for another job, found it in Central West Virginia Aging Services, and worked there for almost 20 years.

What she liked most about her job in Sutton, Flint said, was “helping people who really needed help.”  She continued to say, “Evelyn is also wonderful, and I’ve gotten to work with my daughter who is located here in Sutton. I have another daughter who works for the organization in Parkersburg.”

The retiree definitely enjoyed her retirement dinner. She commented that the food was delicious and that she “will remember comments people made for a long time, especially those about what I mean to them.”