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Legislative Update…By Lori Dittman WV House of Delegates 63rd District

I hope everyone has been enjoying the last bit of spring. The official start to summer is coming and I look forward to seeing what the season brings.
A press release from the Secretary of State’s Office stated their office registered 1,253 new businesses statewide during the month of May. Braxton County led the state in the percentage of new business growth through May with a total of 14 new business registrations, a 3.11 percent increase. The Secretary of State’s Business and Licensing Division reported that Taylor, Webster, Summers, and Clay Counties also experienced notable growth during the month. Congratulations to those new business endeavors. I hope your businesses thrive.
Statewide, West Virginia registered 13,354 new businesses in the previous 12-month period, from June 1, 2022, to May 31, 2023. Jefferson County led all 55 counties with a 19.37 percent growth rate during the one-year timespan.
West Virginia is a great place to live, work, raise a family, and start a business. Advantages of doing business in West Virginia include affordability, prime location, pro-business climate, quality of life, world class workforce, and educational workforce partnerships. More and more companies are choosing to locate in the Mountain State. At a recent visit to the Nucor site in Mason County, the question was asked, “Why did Nucor choose to locate in West Virginia?” The response was several reasons, but the main reason, was the people. Some employees have already moved to the area and spoke about how much they like and feel a part of the communities. One young man told me he was thrilled to be able to come home to work.
Entrepreneurship is the strongest part of West Virginia’s economy with over 110,000 small businesses which represent 98 percent of all businesses.
Those small businesses employee almost half of all employees in West Virginia. Resources and business coaching are available to promote success. I look forward to seeing what new businesses may be starting in our district.
Will and I have visited 22 out of 38 of the West Virginia Waterfall Trail sites.
I have so enjoyed this adventure and have become enthusiastic about visiting West Virginia waterfalls. Now when we travel, we ask, “Is there a waterfall nearby?” We continue to meet many out of staters on the trail that comment how beautiful our state is. Our most recent visit was a quick drive to the Falls of Hills Creek. I have seen pictures and signs for years and have wanted to stop, but like many of you, I have driven by because there was somewhere I needed to be. I am so thankful to have finally seen them in person. The falls are referred to as the “glittering jewel in the crown of the Monongahela Forest.” I must agree.
I was born, bred, and educated in West Virginia. I teach West Virginia Studies and know a lot of information about our state, yet am constantly in awe of the beauty and surprised to discover so many places I didn’t know existed. West Virginia is truly wild and wonderful, and West Virginians are a most special treasure.
“West Virginia is the most beautiful state in the country, and the friendliest.” – Rand Paul
The West Virginia State Folk Festival is coming up soon. Held from June 15th – 18th in Glenville, the festival has much to offer. I really enjoyed last year and visiting vendors and talking with proud West Virginians. I encourage you to spend some time at the festival. For information about events, visit their website at wvstatefolk
I look forward to hearing from people in the district and hope to see you out and about enjoying all the great things our area has to offer. I can be contacted at lori.dittman@ or 304-701-8600.