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Media Advisory: U.S. Senator Manchin issues statement, holding media availability this afternoon in Charleston on securing Mountain Valley Pipeline

MVP Roundtable and Press Availability set for 3:30 pm in Charleston

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. — U.S. Senator Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, has scheduled a media available this afternoon and released a statement after voting for the bipartisan debt ceiling agreement to secure the completion of the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP).

Details of today’s press conference and the statement are below.

Press Conference – Friday, June 2nd

Senator Manchin will be holding a press conference in in Charleston on last night’s passage of the Fiscal Responsibility Act, which secured the completion of the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

3:30 pm       MVP Roundtable and Press Avail

                    900 Pennsylvania Avenue, The Lottery Building, 10th floor, Charleston


U.S. Senator Joe Manchin, D-WV, Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, released the following statement after voting for the bipartisan debt ceiling agreement to secure the completion of the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP):

U.S. Senate Joe Manchin, D-W.VA.

“I am proud to announce that we have finally secured the completion of the Mountain Valley Pipeline and have done so with broad, bipartisan support. For more than nine months, I have worked tirelessly to build consensus and garner the support necessary to complete MVP. Last fall, my bill to complete the Mountain Valley Pipeline received a bipartisan vote on the Senate floor but failed to receive the Republican support necessary to become law. But it was too important to the energy security of our country to give up. After that, I doubled down to build support by working with Speaker McCarthy, Leader Schumer, White House officials and my colleagues on both sides of the aisle in the House and Senate to make the case for this critical energy security project. I am thrilled that Republicans and Democrats came together to complete the Mountain Valley Pipeline and shore up American energy security.  

“West Virginia is truly America’s Energy MVP and we are proud to continue providing the energy the rest of our nation relies on. This transformational project will create more than 2,500 jobs, generate $50 million in tax revenue and more than $175 million in royalties for West Virginia landowners, and play a significant role in strengthening our domestic energy production which will lower costs for consumers in West Virginia and across the country.

“Perhaps even more importantly, the MVP opens up markets for our natural resources, giving us untold new revenue sources and developing industries that our grandchildren and future generations will benefit from. The project has gone through three rounds of permitting approvals at various federal agencies, which included six environmental impact statements, so we know it will be completed in a manner that protects West Virginia’s lands and waters.

“The Mountain Valley Pipeline was part of a broader, bipartisan deal to prevent the American government from defaulting on our loans, ensure we are able to pay our bills and prevent irreparable harm to our financial system. By working in a bipartisan fashion, we were able to protect Medicare, Social Security, and benefits for our Veterans.  

“The passage of the Mountain Valley Pipeline and the critical agreement to avoid default is yet another example of the solutions that can be reached when we work in a bipartisan way to deliver results for the American people and I will keep working on lasting, bipartisan solutions that address the needs of West Virginians. Again, West Virginia is America’s Energy MVP, not only because we power the nation, but also because we show the nation that when you work together, you can accomplish great things for our country.”

Senator Manchin’s work to secure the Mountain Valley Pipeline has received a wide array of support from business, energy and union advocates. Here’s what they are saying:

“We are grateful for the bipartisan leadership of Democratic and Republican legislators who have worked diligently to pass the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023, a legislative victory that would not have been possible without the steadfast commitment and considerable political skills of Chairman Manchin. This legislation makes clear that a robust and diverse energy mix is vital to our Nation’s prosperity and security. As Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, nobody knows this better than Senator Manchin, who has been the North Star of energy security, reliability, and affordability for all Americans. He has emphasized the importance of reliable natural gas and renewable energy infrastructure and the need for comprehensive reforms to bring these critical projects to fruition. His support for the Mountain Valley Pipeline is emblematic of his commitment to West Virginia and to the United States, helping to unlock additional natural gas supply and delivery that will strengthen regional and national energy security,” said CEO Equitrans Midstream Thomas F. Karam stated.

“On behalf of myself and the nearly 4,000 members of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 132 we would like to thank Senator Manchin for his tireless fight for the MVP pipeline project. This project will put thousands of hard-working West Virginians to work with good wages and benefits and help insure our energy security for all of the United States,” said IUOE Local 132 Business Manager Charles Parker.

“Our Congressional delegation, led by Senator Joe Manchin, with the support of Senator Shelley Moore Capito and Congresswoman Carol Miller,  made West Virginians proud, as the passage of the Fiscal Responsibility Act (FRA) is an historic moment for the nation and our state’s economy. This legislation not only preserves America’s financial standing but brings initial permitting reforms and expedites the Mountain Valley Pipeline completion, which has been stuck in a permitting nightmare. We look forward to President Biden’s swift signing of this bill, as supporting the FRA means improving access to clean, affordable and reliable natural gas, while strengthening West Virginia’s economy,” said Gas and Oil Association of West Virginia Executive Director Charlie Burd stated.  

“Including the Mountain Valley Pipeline in the Debt Limit Deal is a big win for West Virginia. This pipeline is a transformational project in terms of energy security for the United States and will help ensure that our country is fully utilizing our vital natural resources. I want to sincerely thank all who helped make this a key part of the debt limit package,” said West Virginia Chamber President Steve Roberts.

“As manufacturers we support natural gas as an affordable and reliable source of power for our businesses and our homes. As West Virginians, we welcome an opportunity for our natural gas production industry to achieve greater exposure to markets elsewhere. Completion of the Mountain Valley Pipeline will be a win for industry and our state,” said West Virginia Manufacturing Association President Rebecca McPhail.