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Spoke too soon…

I concluded last week’s column with an optimistic note that I thought my health issues were behind me and I was good to go. Well as luck would have it… that wasn’t the case. The issues that I had been battling were pretty much behind be, but on Thursday of last week I woke up with a slight sore throat. As the week progressed so did the severity. Actually, the sore throat turned into a head cold which progressed into my chest.

Jeanine is a good nurse, so she got me some over the counter medicine. I would get up in the morning and feel some better only to relapse as the day wore on.

I didn’t want to spoil everyone’s holiday weekend, so I insisted we head to the lake on our usual schedule. We stayed at the docks Friday night then headed up the creek Saturday morning. It was a large crowd when we all got tied off to the bank. Of course, there was lots of fun and an ocean of food.  I went to bed early, but it really didn’t help.

Next morning, I was feeling really lousy, so Jeanine said, “let’s go home.” I didn’t argue with her.

At home my recliner offered some comfort, in fact it was my bed Monday night, but the congestion got worse and my breathing more labored.

I communicated with my doctor through MyChart Tuesday morning and have an appointment to see her at 4;30. Getting the paper out has been a real labor. I am having trouble concentrating, the coughing is sometime intense, but I think I might be able to make it.

I sure hope my doctor can give me some relief. The bad news is… since this was a holiday weekend, that means there is no time between the Citizens’ News and Democrat-Central press time. Assuming I’m not clear under the table… I still have to be here bright and early in the morning to get busy on the Democrat. It’s weeks like that that make me think I may be too old for this job.