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Eleven BCHS band members accepted in GSU honor band

By Shirley Shuman

Continuing a tradition of excellence, members of the Braxton County High School band were selected for the Glenville State University Honor Band in late April. These 11 students, along with 92 others from the state prepared what BCHS band director Lydia Gibson declared “ five pieces of challenging music in a mere six hours of rehearsal time.” Incorporating the selected pieces, the group gave a concert in the Glenville State University Fine Arts Auditorium on April 29.

Two of Braxton’s 11, Chesney Brown and Tyler Garrett, received first chair on their respective instruments, piccolo and tuba. Braxton had other high-ranking chair placements, and the group included students from all four grades. Director Gibson commented on the success of these students. “As their director, I could not be more proud of these students. They keep going out of their way to play music at a high level, and I love helping them succeed and cannot wait to see what they can do in the future.”