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BCHS Valedictorian plans to attend Marshall University

By Shirley Shuman

Madison Duffield, ranked first in Braxton County High’s Class of 2023, is seriously considering a career in speech pathology. “I’m a bit conflicted, but I’m leaning toward speech pathology,” she said. Whatever she chooses, Duffield wants “to help kids overcome obstacles they face.” She added, “Speech problems appear more often than one might think. I want to help.” To accomplish her goal, the valedictorian plans to start by attending Marshall University.

Not surprisingly, this young woman, explaining what she has liked best about her high school career said that it is in part the teachers “for their friendliness and willingness to help.”  She also named her friends and “the different groups to which [she] has belonged.”  These groups include Braxton County High Student Council, the local chapter of National Honor Society, and her role as secretary for the senior class. She also played basketball for two seasons.

Outside of school, Duffield enjoys the outdoors. She likes horseback riding, including trail riding, and enjoys fishing. In addition, she does volunteer work, especially at Mountaineer Food Bank.

What she liked least, in addition to the pandemic, is “too much technology, everything being done online.”  She said, “There is definitely not enough hands-on learning.”

The daughter of Dwayne Duffield and Melissa Skidmore chose math as her favorite subject. Her reason is that “it’s a challenge, and I like challenges.”  She added, “Math is hard work, but I like doing it.”  Her choice of favorite teacher is social studies instructor Jerry Frame. Of Frame, she said, “He is very fun to be around and makes my day better. He is also very helpful and considerate.”

Asked what advice she would give incoming freshmen, Duffield answered, “If I had any advice to give to freshmen, it would be this:  Take every moment in and enjoy it. The four years you have in high school go by in a flash, so savor it. Also, always be kind to others around you and work hard.”