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Still on the mend…

I would like to report that I have put my surgery behind me and am moving on… Unfortunately, I can’t honestly say that. This thing has not been all that bad but it sure has slowed me down.

I have worked a limited schedule this week. I apologize to those who are waiting on something from our office. While my staff is absolutely the best. And, Allison has been right there to help me… to the extend she can with a full-time job and a house full of kids, I am still having to let some things go till I get to feeling  a little better. Sorry, and thank you for your patience.

I had hoped to do some more research on the proposed 9-1-1 fee increase. That too is currently on the back burner.

I do want to comment on the excellent treatment I received at our local hospital. In my younger years, my EMS, firefighting and newspaper work kept me in contact with the majority of the staff at the hospital we knew each other on first name basis. As I have aged, most of those activities have either changed or fell by the way side. That work is definitely for the younger generation. I think I am smart enough to know that and took myself off the front line when I realized that I couldn’t provide the quality of care for my patients nor the protection and support necessary to protect the lives of my fellow volunteers.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still many my age and older still providing valuable emergency services to their community. I commend them for that. And regret that I chose the sidelines, but that was what was best for me and each one of has to make that decision. I still contribute and do what I have the confidence to do.

Now, to get back on track… the staff in the Surgery Department at Braxton County Memorial was absolutely great. Unfortunately, I didn’t personally know the majority of them. That made me realize that the kind and caring treatment I was getting was the same that all the other patients could expect. That made me feel good about the facility that I worked to help become a reality in 1980.

When I went back to see Dr. Bandy Mullens for my follow-up visit, I conveyed these thoughts to him and ask that he pass them along to his staff. In this world we live in today, we should all take the time to see and appreciate a job well done when we experience it. That was certainly the situation I had… even if my recuperative time is slower than I want it to be.