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Salutatorian plans to help people alleviate physical pain

By Shirley Shuman

Jackson Davis plans a career as either a physical therapist or a chiropractor. He explained his choice by saying, “I’d like to help people through their back problems and other physical problems. I’ve experienced the relief that these people have given me and the way they’ve made me feel comfortable. I want to do the same for others.” To accomplish his goal, Davis will enroll in West Virginia University in the fall.

Looking at his high school career and what he has liked best and liked least, the son of Kaleb and Rebecca Davis showed no hesitation naming  either. “I’ve enjoyed the friendships I’ve formed in high school,” he said, “and the relationships I’ve had with the teachers.” Just as other Top 10 students have said, he liked the pandemic least because of  “missing out on being in school and missing all the things I would have

have gotten to do if it hadn’t occurred.” As with other senior athletes, his sport, wrestling, was cut short and was somewhat diminished by numerous regulations coming with the pandemic.

Regarding relationships with teachers, Davis named Allie Suesli as his favorite teacher. “She is always someone you can go to if you need help,” he said of Mrs. Suesli. Geology with Ethan Backus has been his favorite class. “It’s a lot of hands-on that I’ve never done before, and I’ve enjoyed it,” he said of Dr. Backus’s class.

Davis’s activities during his high school career have centered on wrestling. He emphasized that wrestling has had the biggest impact on him during the last four years. “I have to choose wrestling,” he said, “because wrestling helped me grow as a person. I grew because it’s a lot of hard work, and if you do work hard, you can be really proud of yourself at the end of the season.”  In the state wrestling tournament, Jackson placed fifth his junior year at 160. This year he finished third at 175.

In addition to four years of wrestling, the salutatorian   also belongs to the local chapter of the National Honor Society and is a member of Braxton County High Student Council. Outside of the school environment, he enjoys weightlifting and working out plus spending time with family and friends.

What advice would Jackson Davis give incoming freshmen?  He feels they “should make their relationships with teachers as soon as possible and focus on school.” And, yes, he feels that he has done that.