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Municipal Spay Day moves to Sutton/Little Birch areas

Following the success of a community-based feline spay/neuter day in Gassaway on April 17, Just One Generation cat rescue is now looking to offer residents in the Sutton/Little Birch communities an opportunity to do the same. Program director, Sally Stewart, explains that the organization’s spay and neuter assistance program that works with the Central WV Animal Hospital in Gassaway is on-going.  However, demand for those services at a time when many cats are either pregnant or in heat, exceeds the number of available appointments at the local facility. “We understand there are residents anxious to have their pets sterilized before the litters start to arrive.  But transportation outside the county is difficult for some, so we are attempting to make low-cost services available to all by providing transportation to and from the FixEm Clinic in Charleston from designated drop off/pick-up areas within the community.”  

The cost of the service is $25 for male cats and $30 for females, and includes the spay/neuter, a one-year rabies vaccination, and round-trip transportation. Individuals who receive any state or federal assistance, such as food stamps, disability income, or CHIPs, may be eligible to have their cats sterilized at no cost, thanks to a matching grant provided by the WV Dept. of Agriculture. The Sutton Spay Day is scheduled for Monday, May 15 and the drop off/pick-up area will be the parking lot at the corner of Main Street/Second St. next to the theater.   Drop offs take place between 6:30-7:00 am and pick-up is the same day  4:30-5:00 pm.  Detailed information and instructions will be mailed to those who register.  Residents of the Sutton/Little Birch area will be given a first opportunity to schedule their pet, and can do so by calling Beth Salvo at 304-853-0002.  After May 1, other county residents may register for remaining slots.    

A future date for those living in the Flatwoods/Burnsville area is anticipated in coming weeks, but has not yet been scheduled. For those wanting to schedule with the Central WV Animal Hospital in Gassaway through our assistance program, please call Diane Ratliff at 978-317-1941 or email her at [email protected].