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BCHS Engineering Students Tour Winfield Locks and Dam

Braxton County High School Instructors Shawn Crow and Dr. Ethan Backus took their engineering class to Winfield Locks & Dam in Huntington on March 30th to spend time looking at various applications of structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering techniques that makeup the project.
Winfield Assistant Lock Master Zeph Clary conducted a tour of the facility and explained how a lock & dam works and what it takes to keep everything running on a day-to-day basis. Students learned not only the inter workings of a locks and dam system but also the skills required to pursue a career in the field
OR-TM engineers Scott Kinzel and Mike Stickler were on hand to discuss career opportunities with US Army Corps of Engineers and answer any questions students had pertaining to the project or engineering in general.
Steve Hurst, the District Diving Coordinator was able to bring one of the District’s underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and demonstrate how it can be used to make underwater inspections of various structures before, or perhaps in lieu of, a dive team.
BCHS would like to thank Ryan Davis for organizing and making this field trip possible which allowed students to get a “real world experiences” in the engineering field.