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K & T Treasure Chest is latest business to open in Sutton

By Shirley Shuman

On March 31, Katherine Ramsey had a ribbon cutting for her new business, K & T Treasure Chest at 205 Riverview Drive in Sutton. This business may be unique among those in the area because of the type of merchandise it offers.

“Our business is in general merchandise, but we sell wholesale items and resell liquidation merchandise,” Ramsey explained. “The business actually started as a hobby. I’m a full-time nurse, and I had this side business of selling wholesale and liquidation items,” she said. Continuing, Ramsey noted, “Then I realized that it would help the community if I were to offer these goods locally. So I opened the store.”  Store hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and business “has been good so far,” the owner said. Customers have been mostly local people.

The merchandise comes from multiple areas and liquidation centers. Among items sold, Ramsey noted, customers will find health and beauty supplies, wall art, candles, artificial flowers, sometimes food items such as candy and snacks, some lawn and patio furniture, toys, and cleaning supplies. The owner emphasized that prices in her store range from 40 to 60 % less than that found in retail stores and invited everyone to come in, browse, and see what’s available.