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A great Easter…

I am still a little under the weather. However, that didn’t stop me from having a great Easter. I spend quite a bit of time in my easy chair after work on Friday and most of Saturday. I did take time to run a few errands for Jeanine.

I had planned to put a new windshield on the side by side she purchased from the proceeds of her trike. It arrived this week and I had big plans. They didn’t work out and I’ll have to reschedule that project.

On Saturday evening, MyKaela invited us to dinner and to play cards. The meal was delicious while most of the family played cards, Memphis and I watched Mickey Mouse in the living room. Well, to be completely honest… Memphis watched Mickey while I took a nap.

On Sunday afternoon we all headed to Allison’s house in Frametown for Easter Dinner. The entire family was there, minus Jamie and his girls. We knew he would be late due to a similar occurrence at his in-laws. As it turned out he got to feeling bad and never made it at all.

It was great to have everyone together, but very noisy. The meal was outstanding. In fact, I ate so much that I couldn’t hold dessert. I’m definitely going to have to do a better job of planning in the future. Shucks, I may even eat dessert first. That way I know I wouldn’t miss it?

As usual, having the family in one spot is great, but the youngest members make the day special. Both Memphis and Kathryn were in rare form. They had to show us all the goodies they got for Easter. They are active all the time… but especially after eating 3 or 4 pounds of candy.

Of course, Easter also signifies the coming of Spring and Summer. I have had numerous people ask when we were going to put our boats in. I have a little work I want to do on the houseboat. We will see if that occurs, or I just put it in the water and worry about repairs another day.

I have to have a little minor surgery next week which will put me on the injured reserve list for about a month. So, this year, Jamie, Doug and Shane will be doing the work and I will be supervising from the sidelines. My critics would probably interject at this point that its been that way for a number of years. They may be right, but this year I’m not allowed to lift anything so at least I won’t be getting in their way.