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Top 10 and more…

I could start this column with a joke about how nice the “Golden Years” are. I’m sure most of those my age would agree its only golden for the medical profession. I’ve been a little under the weather late last week and over the weekend. Hopefully, a visit last Friday to my family doctor has me on the path to recovery. I do feel some better than I did over the weekend.

The feeling poor, coupled with the nasty weather, prevented me from doing any of the chores I had in mind. Instead, I spend most of the time in my recliner. Jeanine is a good nurse, and she took good care of me.

I want to explain why there are two of the top 10 featured opposed to the way we have done it in past years… featuring each one separately. It seems the State Department of Education has implemented some additional requirements. Meeting those standards delayed the time the school could release the names of the top ten. That resulted in us not having adequate time to print one each week before graduation.

We firmly believe that these local scholars deserve as much recognition as they can get. After all they have worked very hard to be at the top of their class. That’s why we began this series several years ago. Even with the current set of circumstances we will do our best to continue it. So, for the next three weeks, in addition to this one, we will print profiles on two students each week. The following two weeks will allow us to bring you one on the valedictorian and salutatorian. Those two articles will be followed by our graduation tab that honors the entire class of 2023. It’s not the way we would prefer it, but you have to play the cards you are dealt, and this is the best we could do.

Brent Boggs talks about the governor allowing HB 2820 to go into law without his signature. I discussed that bill previously, primarily from the standpoint that it would be financially detrimental to public education. Undoubtedly, that concern is founded. Brent brings up another point that is also valid. I can see, someone in some area trying to build a superior athletic team by recruiting players and convincing them to play for their school through this back door method. This is a bill that many legislators will ultimately regret supporting.