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#10 – in BCHS Class of 2023 plans to study radiology at UHC

By Shirley Shuman

The daughter of Eric and Kendra Brown, Kira Brown plans to attend the UHC School of Radiology after graduation. Brown explained that she wants to become a radiologist and will obtain that degree following her study at UHC and Pierpont College. “I need the work at UHC and Pierpont as the basis for entering WVU’s program,” she explained.

A busy young woman, Brown juggles working at Walmart after school with her academic work. Asked how she manages to excel in academics and maintain an outside job, she noted that it’s “a matter of time management.” She added, “It includes good study habits and a  focus on completing assignments, which go along with time management.”

Among her high school classes, Brown chose Advanced Placement  World History as her favorite, and her favorite teachers are Allie Suesli, who teaches that class, and Jerry Frame, another history teacher.

Activities include playing soccer for three years. She listed soccer as one of her interests and noted she played on a team from the time she was four until this year. She also enjoys walks and being outside in general. Other interests involve family events and “hanging out with friends.”  Here the senior said she appreciates “how supportive [her] family has been in helping [her] get to where [she] is.”

She likes school although she finds it stressful at times and named one aspect of the experience she would like to see changed. “I would like to see myself, along with other students, enjoy the moments we have, to look at the experience positively instead of looking at high school negatively,” she explained.

She admitted that trying to complete academic work during the pandemic was what affected her most during her high school year. “It was a really drastic change and much harder to learn without being able to interact with others and especially with our teachers,” she explained.

Overall, Kira Brown has enjoyed her high school career. Most of all, she cherishes “all the memories created among my friends and teachers.