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Gassaway Spay Day offered to local residents

Just One Generation Cat Rescue is working cooperatively with the Town of Gassaway to offer to residents in and around the city limits an opportunity to have their domestic cats spayed and neutered at an affordable rate. The event is called Gassaway Spay Day and will take place on Monday, April 17. The service includes a spay/neuter procedure, rabies vaccine, and transportation to and from the FixEm Clinic in Charleston for the price of $25 for males and $30 for females. Residents who receive any one of a number of state or federal assistance programs may also qualify to have their pets vetted at no cost to them.

Sally Stewart, Just One Generation program director, says the need for this service became apparent during a recent effort to trap and sterilize ownerless cats in the community. “We had asked owners of domestic cats to identify them with breakaway collars the day we trapped.  We saw and trapped a number of domestic cats that were living outdoors, but not sterilized.  Unvetted outdoor cats can cause problems for the neighbors through territorial behaviors such as spraying or fighting, as well as cause countless unwanted litters of kittens in the town. This project is intended to help those who have been financially unable to secure vetting services or who have difficulty finding appointments that meet their scheduling needs.” The number of slots available for that day are limited, and cats will be registered on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Information and registration can be done by calling the Gassaway Mayor’s Office at 304-364-5111 between the hours of 8am- 3pm Mon-Friday.    A complete set of instructions will be mailed to the owners when the registration is complete.  The deadline for registration is April 12.   Spay and neuter assistance continues to be available to all residents of Braxton County needing financial help to secure the procedure at the local vet facility in Gassaway and can be scheduled by contacting Diane Ratliff at 978-317-1941 or email [email protected]