Government, The Braxton Democrat

Braxton Magistrate Report

Magistrate Beth Smith
March 8: Sherry Landers of Buckhannon, shoplifting, guilty plea, fine/court costs/restitution assessed; Deborah E. Robinson of Napier, expired registration, dismissed proof provided; Candace Jean Conrad of Glenville, false info to state trooper, no contest plea, credit for time served of two days, fine/court costs assessed; Sherry Landers of Buckhannon, entry without breaking, conspiracy, no probable cause found, prosecution did not present evidence; Joshua Allen Tanner of Ivydale, possession of controlled substance, dismissed, prosecution does not wish to pursue, defendant has entered a treatment program; Tony Darrell Blosser of Glenville, possession of fentanyl, guilty plea, possession of controlled substance x2-marijuana and Xanax, dismissed per plea, 90 days of jail, suspended and placed on eight months unsupervised probation, fine/court costs assessed.
March 9: Bobby J. Duffield of Clay, entering without breaking, conspiracy, preliminary hearing waived transferred to circuit court.
March 10: Lee Edgar Given of Flatwoods, sexual abuse by a person in position of trust, soliciting a minor via computer, warrant issued, bond set at $50,000 cash only; Zachary I. Jobe of Poca, sexual abuse in the first degree, preliminary hearing waived, transferred to circuit court.
March 11: Scott M. Cooper of Burnsville, stopping, standing, parking where prohibited, disturbance of schools, trespassing, disorderly conduct, warrant issued, bond set at $2000 personal recognizance.
Magistrate David Singleton
March 13: Steven J. Dorsey of Sutton, expired MVI, dismissed proof provided; Danielle Nichole Ray of Hamlin, speeding, no contest plea, fine/court costs assessed; Richard P. Mammoser of Eden, NY, speeding, guilty plea, fine/court costs assessed; Justin Wayne Vandecasteele of Charleston, driving revoked for DUI, dismissed, license is valid; Anthony Wayne Leggett of Sutton, open dump, guilty plea, fine/court costs assessed.
March 15: Patsy Alicia Deal of Birch River, possession of heroin, warrantless arrest, bond set at $3000 personal recognizance.