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Commission names Assistant Interim Prosecuting Attorney

The Braxton County Commission held a Special Meeting on Friday, March 10. Three items were on the special call agenda. First item of business was to appoint an Interim Prosecuting Attorney to serve till a more permanent replacement could be named. The action was necessary following Jasmine R.H. Morton’s resignation tenured at the last regular meeting held March 3. (A copy of Morton’s resignation letter can be found on Page 2 to of this issue.)

Following a brief discussion Melvin Gum made a motion to appoint Dara Accord, currently the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney to serve as the Interim PA. A second item on the Special Meeting agenda was to authorize advertising for the open position of Morton’s term. Placing Accord in the position was approved as was permission to solicit interest in the permanent position.

Accord will serve on an Interim basis until the Commission reviews applications and makes a permanent replacement. Whomever they select will serve until the 2024 election when someone will be elected to serve the unexpired balance of the 6 year term Morton was elected to in 2022.

The final item on the agenda that could be discussed was the possible purchase of a used ambulance for Braxton EMS. Director John Hoffman stated that the new vehicles the county had hoped to buy were delayed due to unavailable chassis and he could not get a definite timeframe for their arrival. He stated that the company which was the low bidder on the new vehicle had notified him that they have recently obtained a used unit that the county could use in the interim. Hoffman reviewed the specs for the 2008 box style ambulance. The company is willing to sell the vehicle for $52,750. In addition the county may either keep the used unit or trade it in, at fair market value, when the new vehicles arrive. 

Following the question and answer session, Larry Clifton made a motion to purchase the used vehicle from Global Emergency Vehicles, Inc. of Levittown, PA for the stated price. That action unanimously passes. Being no further business that could be discussed the meeting adjourned at 9:40 a.m.