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Sutton Council hears SVFD funding request

The Sutton Town Council’s most recent meeting was held on February 23. Mayor JD Hoover opened the meeting by welcoming those in attendance including former Mayor Ed Given.

Jon Crum informed the council he was working on identifying roadways that need paving in the town and had acquired a map of the roads. He will work on marking those the town is responsible for upkeep and those that fall under the state road responsibility. Acting Recorder Robyn Dolan noted she was still working with DOH on identifying roads as well.

Beth Atkins discussed the issue of dogs running loose in town and the owners not cleaning up after them.

Acting Recorder Robyn Dolan told council the ballot draw will be held on Monday, February, 27 at 9:00 am.

From the citizens present, Ed Given noted issues with drainage and ditches on Linden Avenue and South Hill Street causing icing of the roadway this winter.

Sutton Volunteer Fire Department Chief Mike Baker and President Ed Given came to council with a request for financial support on the purchase of a generator for the fire department. The fire department was presented with special pricing, $12,800, on a unit that will keep the fire department running as well as the annex in the time of emergency. Currently the fire department is finishing up the process of purchasing a new rescue truck and their funding is limited. They do not want to miss the opportunity to purchase the large generator as such a low price. Council tabled approval to allow for them to investigate if they could assist in the funding.

Catherine Hoover questioned Chief Mike Baker about issues with dilapidated dwellings in the town limit that pose a risk to neighbors. Chief Baker stated as a fire department they had no authority over them, but suggested the council contact the property owners directly to address the issue. President Ed Given noted the health department may also be an option to contact concerning the buildings, especially if they are posing a health risk to the community, i.e. rodents and snakes.

Ernie Kingdon from Ghosh Engineers also spoke to council concerning an alley way off of Linden Avenue. WV American Water owns the properties on each side of the water tower and will be building a new tower in the near future. His request was to petition the town to have the alley way be declared abandoned to allow for the WV American Water to take it over so they can continue with the upgrades to the system. Council wants to investigate the alley way further before making a decision to make sure it will not cause an issue with drainage or utility lines.

Municipal Clerk Robin Smith communicated to the council the need to update the CD at City National Bank. The signers’ names have not been changed on the CD. On a motion by Catherine Hoover, council approved to have Mayor JD Hoover and Acting Recorder Robyn Dolan as signers for the CD and to have the funds moved over to the general account once the update completed.

Catherine Hoover discussed with an issue with a light still be out over on River Street that had been reported to Mon Power. Municipal Clerk Robin Smith will look into it.

She also discussed reminding residents about recycling pick up times. The recycling is picked up before 8:30 am on Fridays morning and some residents are not placing their items out in time.

The town received two quotes for heating and cooling system installations. The quotes allow for the option of the units being placed on the roof. Catherine Hoover requested the installer come in and speak with council to answer questions they have concerning the units and the installation. Jon Crum moved to table the approval of bid until they could meet.

Council discussed the construction permit for 301 N Hill Road. The property owner had not previously completed the permit for work that had been done filling in part of his property with fill dirt. He is now asking for approval to build a garage on the lot he has filled and leveled. Jon Crum voiced his concern with drainage and water runoff. He believed the permit did not contain enough details of the project. Approval was tabled until more information can be gathered.

Council discussed the purchase of a tractor from Lockard’s at the cost of approximately $32,000. After a discussion and concern that it had not properly been bid out, council tabled approval until the process could be clarified.

Jon Crum informed council that he met with administrators at Appalachian Timber Services concerning an issue with the noise level coming from the facility at night. They discussed possibly using the funds from the previous lawsuit to purchase equipment that can monitor the noise level as well as equipment that can test air quality throughout town. Council will investigate options before moving forward.

Jon Crum also requested an update on the funds for the drain project coming off of Town Hill. Municipal Clerk stated the funds have been awarded but have not been released by the government yet. Council discussed that they would like to see the project completed during the summer while school is out to eliminate issues that may arise with buses.

Under regular business, council approved the minutes of the February 9 meeting on a motion by Catherine Hoover.

Jon Crum made a motion to move forward with using a tree removal service within the ordinance guidelines to cut the tree down behind the farmers market. The council approved the motion.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:47 pm. The council will have a special meeting on Monday, February 27 at 5:00 pm. The next regular meeting is set for March 9 at 6:00 pm.