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Owen McCallister is BCHS Math Field Day champion

Top 10 will compete in Regional at WVU Tech on March

Sophomore Owen McCallister placed first in the recent 10-12th grade Math Field Day competition at BCHS. McCallister began competing in Math Field day events as a fourth-grader and has always placed first. Second place in the high school competition went to Emily Garrett, and third went to Alisa Louk.

Dr. Ethan Backus, BCHS Math Field Day Coordinator commented that he was glad to see the good turnout for the 10th to 12th grade math field day and noted, “There were several more this year than last year.”  The coordinator added, “I was very pleased to see how many tenth-graders participated. These students, the tenth graders, performed particularly well considering how many of them placed in the top 10. This is especially impressive since most of these students are less than halfway through their high school curriculum.”

Dr. Backus also noted that the success of these tenth graders is “promising for the county’s performance in the regional event over the next few years.” He continued, “These students will continue and perform well.”

The role of one of the CTE’s  program regarding this event did not go unnoticed. Dr.Backus stressed, “We would like to thank the Eagle Engineering program for making the medals for the students who placed,” he emphasized.

The top three finishers voiced similar comments regarding the test on Math Field Day. McCallister said that he competes because he likes math and “It’s fun.” He did find this year’s material difficult and explained, “It covered math subjects and skills which we’ve never studied.”  The highest math the sophomore has completed is Algebra I in the ninth grade. He is currently enrolled in Pre-AP Geometry. Asked about his feelings toward the upcoming Regional Math Field Day, he said he isn’t nervous and added, “I’ll be glad to miss a little school.” McCallister’s highest place in regional competition is second.

Also one who has competed  and done well in every math field day since the fourth grade, Garrett does it because she enjoys math.  Currently she is taking two math classes—Pre-AP Algebra II and Pre-AP Geometry. About this year’s test, she said simply, “It was hard.”  The reason she gave was that it covered several subjects which she has not studied.  Looking toward Regional Math Field Day, Garrett said she is “more excited than nervous,” and hopes to do better than her highest placement of fourth in regional competition.

Braxton’s third-place winner, Louk said she competed this year because “I’m good at math and my mom would be mad if I didn’t.” This was her first experience with Math Field Day. She, too, found this year’s test difficult and for the same reasons the others named. “Some were really easy, but many were hard,” she said. Louk is also currently enrolled in Pre-AP Algebra II and Pre-AP Geometry. She looks forward to going to the upcoming Regional Math Field Day.

The seven other BCHS students who earned the right to compete in the March 4 Regional Math Field Day at WVU Tech in Beckley are, in order, Nickolas Brown, Allie White, Lillian Harman, Mason O’Dell, Brady Slaughter, Natalie Rose, and Delanie Bosley.

Principal Lori Stover-Williams expressed a positive note on those who participated and those who placed in this year’s event. “I am proud of our students who participated in Math Field Day, and I am excited for those who placed and will now compete at a higher level. These students detail the best of Braxton County.”  She continued to say, “I am also very thankful for Dr. Backus leading this project at BCHS and all the teachers over the years who invested in mathematical skill set of our students.”