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BCMS Lady Knights avenge earlier loss to Summersville

In last week’s action, the BCMS varsity girls defeated Summersville 28-17. Coach Matt Pritt explained why he and his team were especially pleased with this win. “The last time we played Summersville,” the coach said, “we lost by 26 points. Our team has improved so much since that and played an entirely different game.” He added, “The ladies handled Summersville’s press, which was the difference from the last game.”
For the win, Braxton’s girls outscored Summersville in every quarter. The coach pointed out that defense was once again the key factor in the Lady Knights’ win. Rylan Criner blocked seven shots, and, he said, “The entire team closed out and did not give up open shots.”
In the first half, Aubrey Mowery paced the Braxton team with nine points. In the second half, it was Brooklyn Paletti and Avah Mollohan who led the scoring with six points each. Coach Pritt pointed out, “As usual, Jade Chapman and Makenna Robinson played great defense.”
Mowery led the Lady Knights with 10 points, Paletti scored 7, Mollohan 5, Criner 2, and Chapman 2.
The Lady Knights hosted Clay Tuesday night for their conference play-in game.