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Help requested from Gassaway residents

Just One Generation Cat Rescue is combining efforts with the Town of Gassaway to identify, locate, trap, and sterilize any ownerless cats currently living within the city limits.  This would include feral cats, also known as “wild” or “community cats”, as well as ownerless strays, which are often abandoned domestic felines.    Sally Stewart, program director for Just One Generation, explains that some of the ownerless cats in the area have already been  vetted, including a colony of about 15 cats that are located and being fed in the 600 block of Elk St.   “Cats that have already been vetted will have an ear tip on the left side.  This is a clean, horizontal surgical cut that takes off about ½ inch from the top of their ear, leaving it level rather than pointed.    The cats still needing to be trapped are those without the ear tip.  It is essential to know where these cats are located, how many are present, and who in the neighborhood may be feeding them in order to have a successful result.

The trapping date is set for Sunday, February 26, and the cats will be vetted in Charleston the following day.  Depending on weather conditions, all cats will be returned to the same area where they had been found within 48 hours.   Anyone with information is asked to call either Sally Stewart at 304-364-4136 or the Gassaway’s Mayor’s Office at 304-364-5111.