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Workman Receives Life in Prison for Murder of 3-Year-Old Boy

On January 9, Samuel Thomas Workman, 35, of Sutton came before the Honorable Richard A. Facemire, Braxton County Circuit Judge for sentencing following the plea he entered in October 2022. The state was represented by Prosecuting Attorney Jasmine Morton while Kevin Hughart and Jonathan Fittro served as council for the defendant.
On the 31st day of October 2022, Workman entered a no contest plea to fired Degree Murder with Mercy and a guilty plea to Child Abuse Creating Risk of Injury. The charges stem from an incident in February 2021 which resulted in the death of a 3-year-old child.
At the January 9th sentencing hearing, Workman’s attorneys argued that the indictment was unconstitutional and vague and requested the plea be set aside. Following a review of the evidence, Judge Facmire denied the defense’s motion.
During the sentencing hearing, the Defendant and his counsel called individuals to the stand to speak in support of Workman. The Prosecuting Attorney and family members of the victim also addressed the Court.
Judge Facemire noted that Workman was convicted of first-degree murder of a 3-year-old child. He added that the Prosecuting Attorney, during the plea hearing, requested multiple times that the first-degree murder charge be dropped as part of the plea agreement. The Court rejected that request as not being in the best interest of justice. “Quite frankly, based upon the facts of this case the plea agreement proposed by the Prosecuting Attorney is contrary to the best interest of justice and severely depreciates the offenses for which you committed,” wrote Judge Facemire in his sentencing order. Workman reconsidered and emtered a no contest pleas to the murder charge as the Court was preparing to select a jury for trial.
The Court outlined the tragic events surround the death saying, the mother of two children, one of whom was Workman’s son, left the 3-year-old and his 18-month old brother in Workman’s care. During that time Workman left the children unattended and went to the neighbor’s house to indulge in drug use. Workman told the Court that when he returned home from doing drugs with the neighbor, the pair discovered the 3-year-old boy deceased. Documents stated that no evidence was found that supported Workman’s claim that someone else or some “demon or demonic being” was responsible for the death.
“The evidence clearly reveals that a murder occurred in this home. Evidence also reveals that you are the only individual that can be placed at the home before and after this brutal murder. I believe that you committed this heinous crime and that you have no remorse or sorrow,” Judge Facemire wrote.
“You took someone’s child, brother, grandchild, and family member from them. This 3-year-old boy will never attend school, will never graduate from elementary, middle or high school. There will be no Christmases, Thanksgivings, Halloweens, or special event for this little boy. There will be no weddings. This 3-year-old boy may have gone on to college to become a doctor, nurse, or became a police officer, firefighter, or emergency personnel and helped others in their time of need. This little boy will not know the pleasure of having a pet or a friend. You not only denied this 3-year-old boy by taking his life, but you denied and took from other individuals the opportunity to know this child and see this child grow, thrive, and succeed.
“I cannot impose a greater punishment than what the law allows. The offenses for which you are convicted are first degree murder which carries a life imprisonment and child neglect creating risk of injury which carries one to five years in a penitentiary.
I cannot imagine the fear, anguish, and pain that this 3-year-old suffered at your hands. This boy trusted you, that you would protect him, care for him, and let nothing happen to him. You ask this Court to show mercy and leniency upon you but what mercy and leniency did you show to that 3-year-old boy? The boy that you inflicted so much pain, so much suffering and injuries until his last dying breath,” the Judge added before sentencing Workman to the penitentiary for the remainder of his life. He was also sentenced to one to five years on the child neglect charge. The sentences will run concurrently.
In the event Workman is granted parole anytime in the future he faces fines, court costs and will have 50 years of supervised probation as well as registering as a sex offender.
Workman was immediately retuned to the Central Regional Jail to await transfer to a penitentiary.