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Weyerhaeuser makes year-end donation to PHWA

“We filled out the Weyerhaeuser Giving Fun Application before their September deadline posted on their company website and then in mid-December, we heard the good news that our Pleasant Hill Waterline Association was receiving a $2,000 donation to help us get potable water to over 156 residents in Northeastern Braxton County”, said Brenda Gabby Gregory Association Treasurer.

“We did some research before we applied for a Giving grant from Weyerhaeuser Company, and found that they are one of the world’s largest private owners of timberlands in America. They have been around for a while, for more than 120 years as they started operations in the year 1900.”, continued Gregory.

“We also found that they own or control approximately 11 million acres of timberlands across the U.S. and manage additional timberlands under long-term licenses in Canada. Weyerhaeuser manages their timberlands on a sustainable basis in compliance with internationally recognized forestry standards. And they are also one of the largest manufacturers of wood products in North America.   

So, sustainable forestry practices mean that Weyerhaeuser plants over 130-150 million trees every year from their multiple high quality seedling growing nurseries.   

The Heaters West Virginia mill employs approximately 180 people and produces oriented strand board (OSB). OSB is a construction panel made with layers of precision-manufactured wood “strands”.

“When I visited the Heater’s Mill I learned from Tim Sagraves, the Mill Manager that Weyerhaeuser works hard to support the local communities to ensure the places their employees live and work remain thriving communities in a number of ways.”, said John Cobb, President of the Pleasant Hill Waterline Association.

In addition, to donations through their Giving Fund, Weyerhaeuser allows their employees to log in many hours of local volunteer time for nonprofits and other organizations and projects in their towns and neighborhoods.

“I can attest to the Weyerhaeuser commitment to giving back to their operating communities through philanthropy and volunteerism as I serve on both the West Virginia Tree Farm Committee and the WV Division of Forestry Stewardship Committee with one of their employees Jimmy Jenkins.”, continued Cobb.

“Both Jimmy and I know that our West Virginia forest owners are the foundation of our forest industry and that sustainable timber management is good for the landowner, forest health, loggers, lumberyards, Pulp and paper mills, Weyerhaeuser, along with other wood product producers and all of that boosts our state’s economy. So, it is great that Weyerhaeuser allows Jimmy Jenkins to volunteer on these two important committees.”, added Cobb.

“I have learned that Weyerhaeuser knows that their story and strength starts in the forest. Thankfully they have been growing, harvesting, and regrowing forests on a continuous cycle for 120 years and they know that their trees provide clean air and water, wildlife habitat, recreation, renewable energy, great jobs and thus a sustainable supply of wood for hundreds of products that people use every day.

“We appreciate their donation of $2,000 to our local work in Braxton County to bring potable water to over 150 of our citizens and for their employee volunteer time to make our communities better places to live.

“Now when I drive by the Heaters Weyerhaeuser Mill, I will know that they also stand for a strong commitment to good community service.”, ended, Cobb.