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BCMH’s ER renovation project completed

On Wednesday, December 28, members from the WVU Medicine/Braxton County Memorial Hospital leadership team, physicians and staff gathered briefly in the waiting room for a ribbon cutting to commemorate the recently completed renovations in the BCMH Emergency Department. Followed by refreshments, which were served from the recently renovated multi-Purpose room.

The Emergency Department renovations had been a vision for ED staff and leaders for quite some time, dating as far back as late CEO, Ben Vincent. Vincent had a strong aspiration to see BCMH be a successful facility, with the capability to provide quality, modern care to the community he loved so much. However, financial constraints often halted his visions. Then came the opportunity to join a larger health system, which could potentially change the game for BCMH. The ED challenges were among those first noticed by WVU Medicine leaders and were initially planned to begin in 2019 not long after the facility joined the WVU Health System. Unfortunately, like many other projects, the renovation was pushed back with the onset of the COVID pandemic. The pandemic created a multitude of challenges for healthcare facilities across the country, and the BCMH Emergency Department was no exception. It was during this time that the need for updated equipment, along with a more efficient work environment was longed for the most.

Fast forward three long years, though still very much present, experts have learned more about the virus, and facilities are able to manage COVID more easily than in the past. Feeling confident that the renovations could pursue without adding additional stress in the Emergency Department, CEO, Louis Roe gave the blessing for visions to come to life. In early 2022, Facilities/Engineering supervisor, Rick Jarvis, and team member Dave Lemon (who has since retired) stepped into the ED with tools in hand to begin what would be a year-long, much awaited facelift. ED Nursing Manager, Trista Rush commended Jarvis for his dedication and hard work. “Rick is a tremendous asset to BCMH”, “He gives so much of himself to ensure that we are the best healthcare facility we can possibly be.”. She also noted that during the time of the ED upgrade, Jarvis and his team were tasked with completing several other projects around the campus, in addition to keeping up with daily tasks, saying “a substantial amount of credit for the improvements at BCMH goes to Rick and his team, and we are grateful for them.”

In early December 2022, the final touches were placed on the long-awaited project, which included a more practical layout, fresh paint, new flooring, upgraded equipment etc. Director of Emergency Medical Operations, Susan Rose comments “We are excited about the completion of the ED renovation, it brings a modern look to the department. The stock room upgrade provides a clear, concise organization of supplies and is optimal for budgeting. One of the most important things the renovation brings is a space for our ED staff to have a locker/breakroom. We are proud of our hospital and for being a part of WVU Medicine, which has made this renovation possible”. 

CEO, Louis Roe expressed his excitement for the completion of the project by saying “I am extremely excited to see the renovations come to life, and for the benefits it brings to both the staff and the community. At BCMH, we strive not only to provide great care to our patients, but also to provide our staff with a conducive work environment. I am confident that the improvements made in the Emergency Department will help us to achieve both goals.” I am grateful for an amazing team at BCMH, and for their continued efforts.