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A new year…

We have stepped into a new year. With the tragedy in Duck, I’m not sure it is the type of beginning everyone is hoping for. On the brighter side… that deadly event unfolded at the very end of 2022 so maybe we can get off to a good start in 2023.

I’m optimistic… I hope things will be better. I traveled to Summerville over the weekend and guess what? Their gasoline prices are actually higher than Braxton’s. I’m not sure that is something to brag about. Comments in this space have generated lots of feedback in the form of emails, calls and people stopping by our office to tell us how much cheaper gas is around the state. Lots of reports of less than $3 a gallon. We can only hope that cheaper gasoline prices are a product of 2023.

In recent weeks I have been battling insurance rates on my vehicles which I think are raising for no good reason. I discussed the situation on more than one occasion with my carrier and finally opted to change some of the limits and deductibles to get the premium cost to a manageable level. I was discussing the situation with a friend, and they told me the same thing happened. They too were concerned and had inquired. They said their carrier told them that the 30% increase in their billing was due to “inflation”. That’s a polite way of saying the stockholders are not happy with their dividends.  In fact, they said the move was industry wide. That sounds like collusion on the part of the insurance industry to reap bigger profits.

Unfortunately, like so many obstacles we face, there is little we can do about it except complain… and the companies know that. So, to a certain extent it will be the same ole thing, but I am hopeful that there will be some silver lining in this dark cloud.

With the beginning of a new year, we should focus on the positive and that’s what I will try to do. I am very thankful for 2022… it could have been a lot worse. My health is still pretty good, and I have the love and support of a wonderful family. When it comes down to it… that’s probably all I need, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that 2023 will be a better year.