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Commission Contributes to County Fire Departments

The Braxton County Commission gave the county’s seven fire departments an early Christmas gift at their regular meeting last Friday, December 16. Commission President Lisa Godwin outlined the terms of the donation. She stated that the Commission was very appreciative of how the county volunteer fire departments had stepped up during the pandemic in so many ways including helping the ambulance service. She went on to say that since the COVID crisis had also interfered with much of their individual fund-raising events for the past two years the Commission felt it was appropriate to contribute $10,000 to each department from the American Revenue Plan (ARP) Lost Revenue Funding.
In making the contributions, the Commission laid out four broad categories which the funds were to be expended: Swift water rescue equipment; Technical rescue equipment; Extrication equipment or toward UTV’s to be used in rescue and wilderness fire/rescue operations. Any other manner would have to be individually approved by the Commission upon request.
The meeting began with John Hoffman reviewing the written report of his agencies’ activities. That report showed 2,105 calls coming into Braxton Control. Those calls generated 647 emergency responses. Of those, 395 were for police agencies, 95 for fire department and 159 for EMS.
During the meeting the Commission read and approved three resolutions. The first will declare an end to the COVID 19 related State of Emergency at the end of December. The second resolution allocated $250,000 of the county’s ARP monies to match a LWCF Grant for improvements at Holly Gray Park. The third was the adoption of the Commercial Dog Breeders Ordinance.
In other action, a motion by Larry Clifton approved the short form settlements for Jerald David Hoover and Ruth K Ricci as presented by the Fiduciary Supervisor.
It was also Clifton who made a motion to approve the applications for correction of erroneous assessments for Creston Hacker, Sue Nuzum and Larry & Patricia Ware.
Commission President Lisa Godwin questioned the Sheriff about a bill from Mid-State Chevy for $2,249.40 for routine service and 4 tires for a police cruiser. Action on that purchase order was tabled pending an explanation.
A request to appoint Megan Stout as county Animal Control Officer was tabled as information pertaining to the appointment had not been received for the Prosecuting Attorney.
Clifton introduced a motion to authorize the use of the county credit card to pay for fees and room rent for the West Virginia Association of Counties Convention in February. The registration fee is $235 per commissioner, $129 per night room reservation plus parking.
Laurel Petolicchio spoke to the commission concerning the Big Foot Festival set for the last Saturday of June. She requested permission to again use the Courthouse lawn and parking area. She also requested Police presence. President Godwin told her the Commission didn’t see a problem with the event but would need her to fill out the proper paperwork for action at a future meeting. She was also instructed to discuss the law enforcement issue with the Sheriff who was present at the meeting and indicated that would not be a problem and they would get together and discuss the details.
April Lloyd, Administrator of the Braxton County Health Department was present to request that the Commission place the topic of upgrading the telephone and internet service at the Health Department on a future work session for discussion.
Separate motions approved the county and EMS bills for payment as well as the minutes from the Commission’s meetings on December 2 and 8.
Being no further business to discuss the meeting adjourned at 9:27 p.m. The next regular meeting will convene on January 6, 2023 at 9:00 a.m.