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Dear Santa…

Hey Santa, it’s me Memphis again coming to you on behalf of the Given clan. We are really into the Christmas spirit. We had a family get together at Uncle Jamie’s Sunday evening and boy was it fun. A couple of the family couldn’t make it as they were sick but there was still nearly 30 there for great food and lots of fun with Aunt Deena’s modified Yankee Swap.

We had to pass the presents and couldn’t open them till the very end. I had different ideas, but Mommy kept grabbing my hands. Adi, the youngest of all of us, she’s a great grandchild too, didn’t seem too interested in the presents. She was more into rolling around the middle of the floor, but it did keep the adults entertained.

Santa, you might want to bring my Mommy some longer legs. Poppy told her she was going to have a hard time keeping up with me when I learned to walk. He was right. I can almost get away… sometimes.

All my cousins are really good to me. They like to play with me even when I beat them with the little mop and broom Nana got me. Of course, I have to do that when Mommy isn’t looking.

The only exception is Kathryn and Ella Jean. You know Santa, they are not very good about sharing. If they are playing with Nana’s tablet and I want it… they don’t want to give it up. I usually win, but Mommy gets on me for not sharing and for taking things when the girls have it first.

Santa, I love staying with my Nana while Mommy is at work. But you know, Nana is getting old and she has more and more trouble keeping me out of stuff that, she says, I shouldn’t be in. Frankly, I think I should be allowed to do whatever I want, whenever I want to do it. If she doesn’t let me, I’m getting pretty good at convincing her.

The fact is, we really don’t need anything for Christmas we already have warm clothes and more toys than we know what to do with. We also have the best present of all in the love our family shares with each other. So, Merry Christmas Santa. We are thankful for each other and the love we share. Our wish this Christmas is that others can be so lucky!