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Community Choir Performs at the Sutton Baptist Church

By Fernando Rodriguez
The Sutton Baptist Church is a truly beautiful House of Worship. Its beauty was enhanced by the harmonious tones that filled it by the Sutton Community Choir’s performance of “Christmas All Year Long,” this past weekend, the first live performance in the Church since 2019. The Sutton Community Choir is composed of members representing the Sutton Baptist Church, First Southern Baptist Church, Christ United Methodist, and St. Thomas Catholic church, all singing as one voice addressing the question “Why can’t it be Christmas all year long,” the title and theme of the performances.
“Christmas All Year Long,” a musical of Hope and Cheer, was arranged and orchestrated by Marty Parks and includes songs titled “The Time for Celebration,” “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day,” “All Year Long,” and of course, “Why Can’t It Be Christmas All Year Long,” where Meredith Thomas sang beautifully as a soloist accompanied by the choir. Eric Skidmore soloed in a powerful rendition of “Amen.”
Cindy Robinson is the director of the Sutton Community Choir, Co-Directed by Carol Jamison and Barbara White, this performance was narrated by Autumn Osborne, and the sound expertly handled by Mr. Andrew White. Pastor Eric Thomas of the Sutton Baptist Church spoke the opening benediction and Pastor Shane Boggs, of the First Southern Baptist Church spoke the closing benediction.
I wish all Peace and Blessed Holidays. Keep Christmas all year long in your hearts.