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Four receive prison terms after appearances in Braxton Circuit Court

The Honorable Richard A. Facemire recently completed several court orders in the Braxton County Circuit Court. Jasmine R.H. Morton, Braxton County Prosecuting Attorney represented the state during the hearings.

On November 14, Christine Marie Abel appeared in court with her attorney, David Karickhoff for her sentencing hearing. The defense requested for some type of alternative sentencing. She had been accepted into a treatment program through the Administration of Veteran Affairs. The state stayed silent per the plea agreement and noted there was no objection to Abel attending the treatment program. The court, however, found the defendant in need of correctional treatment in a correctional facility. Judge Facemire noted the deliberate nature of the offense, the anti-social attitude, prior criminal history, her sporadic employment history and her substance abuse problem. Abel was sentenced to a total of two to 20 years in prison on the felony charges of entry of a building other that a dwelling and grand larceny.

David Aaron Cogar and attorney David Karickhoff came to court for a sentencing hearing. A request for an alternative sentence was made by the defense noting he had been accepted into a rehabilitation program. The state asked for the defendant’s sentence to run concurrent with any other sentence he is currently serving. The court denied the request noting the defendant was likely to re-offend, the deliberate nature of the offense and the drug problem that had not been addressed. Cogar was sentenced to five years in prison on the felony offense of wanton endangerment involving a firearm.

Lamar Edward James came before Judge Facemire with his attorney Kevin Hughart for a sentencing hearing. The defense requested an alternative sentence be imposed since James had spent a substantial period of time incarcerated and since his release has found housing and employment in Marion County. The state remained silent per the terms of the plea agreement. The court believed that to grant the defendant an alternative sentence would depreciate the seriousness of the offense and he would likely re-offend. On the felony offense of attempting to commit burglary, James was sentenced to one to three years.

On October 4, Jack Dewayne Jenkins, II came to court for a hearing on probation revocation. He was represented by Tom Dyer and the state was represented by Braxton County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Dara. A. Acord.

Jenkins admitted to allegations contained in the petition to revoke probation. The defense requested he be placed back on probation as he has a job waiting for him and has the opportunity to receive treatment for his significant addiction issues. Judge Facemire denied the request and sentenced Jenkins to two to ten years on the felony count of possession of precursors to be used to manufacture methamphetamine.