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BIG holiday…

It was truly a monumental holiday in our circle. We celebrated Thanksgiving at Mary Hunt’s house. Everyone was in attendance, and we are thankful that she has a large home. I must admit that I do question her sanity a little for inviting us all to her house, but it was great.

Mary not only entertained a very large group on Thursday, but she was also deep in preparation for her son Henry’s wedding which took place Saturday… also at her house. But in typical Mary fashion Thanksgiving and the wedding came out great.

On Friday we were back at the Hunts for wedding rehearsal. Nothing like an evening of controlled chaos. All three of my children were part of the ceremony. In fact, I was even scheduled to be a groomsman. As luck would have it one of the bridesmaids had to cancel at the last minute so I volunteered to bow out to make everything work. 

Following the rehearsal, we traveled to the new Elk River Inn, formally Café Cimino’s for dinner. It was my first time at the facility, and I must admit that I was impressed. We ate in the dome just outside the main lodge. It was nice and warm and great to look up at the stars. Some members of the wedding party stayed at the Inn and the “Glamping Domes”; everyone gave the facility high marks. The meal was great as well.

On Saturday we arrived at Mary’s early for wedding photos prior to the ceremony. As could be expected, nothing happened on time, but it did happen and rather seamlessly at that.

Henry or “H” as he is known to us, and Lemia made a beautiful bride and groom. About 60 family members and friends were on hand to share the special occasion with the happy couple. The wedding reception followed the ceremony. It was a great feast prepared by the hands of Kathy Cogar of Country Charm and Events and the fine folks at Bad Axe Bistro.

Of course, the celebration with all the formalities lasted well into the late evening. With such a long list of activities I didn’t last very long and we took a relatively early exit… I needed a nap.

I had chores to do on Sunday afternoon and I’m happy to say that I checked off the entire list, including delivery of the new couple’s wedding gift, which of course was late, but they didn’t seem to mind.

Reality struck hard on Monday… I arrived back in the office, bright and early to be greeted by nearly 300 emails in my inbox. But it was worth it!