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By the time you read this, “turkey day” will be just around the corner. Like so many other holidays the true meaning for which our forefathers established this celebration, is often lost.

Now days… Thanksgiving is better known for lots of great food and deer hunting more so than the real meaning of giving thanks for what bounty one has received throughout the year.

I don’t hunt any more… I make up for it at the dinning room table, but I keep the traditional meaning of this special day prominently in my mind.

I am thankful that I made it another year. My family history would indicate that I shouldn’t be this old. By the way, I celebrated another trip around the Sun last week. I am so lucky to have such a caring family and extended family. Of course, my birthday is not quite over even though the actual day has passed. As I mentioned in this space last year, at my age, I deserve a birthday week or month. We have another celebration planned the first week of December and I’m looking forward to that.

Thanksgiving is very special, and I want to embrace it before moving on to more birthday or Christmas. I am very thankful that my family is close, and I get to spend lots of time with them.

The ole legs won’t let me follow their every step on the athletic field or ball court. Thanks to Braxton Live I still get a ring-side seat at a lot of their sporting and important events. When I think about the fact that my Dad never had the joy of meeting even my children, let alone the grandchildren. And… while my mother did spend time with my kids and met our first grandchild, she too missed the joys that Jeanine and I get to take in daily. An of course now we have a third generation.

I am thankful for my health and that of my family. I am thankful for all that God has given me. I am truly blessed, and I recognize how really lucky I am and what I have to be thankful for.

So, enjoy your turkey. I hope you get the big buck! Enjoy your football games and the nap you will take. But, most of all, join me in giving thanks for what 2022 has given us. When you look around this world it is easy to see just how

blessed we truly are, Happy Thanksgiving!