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Election and more…

The Election is over… at least in Braxton County and I guess West Virginia. It appears that the drama will continue in other parts of our country for a few weeks. They talk about control of the Senate and House… I just wish those elected to represent us would make that their prime motivation opposed to what is perceived good for the “party” or them personally. At any rate I congratulate the winners.

I am more convinced than ever that salvation for our political system will only come when the voters pass term-limits for elected officials.

I believe the voters have spoken when it comes to the legislators taking more power over our schools and other aspects of our lives. I’m sure you are aware by now that all four Constitutional amendments were soundly defeated. I hope those in power get that message… voters are fed up with the power struggle. They want you to tackle the real problems facing our state! I guess we will see if they got the message, come January.

Good news – Kroger is staying…

I must admit that the announcement last week that Kroger would stay open caught me by surprise. As abrupt as my conversation had been with their corporate officials, I really thought their minds were made up with no room for negotiations.

Had it not been for Senator Manchin getting involvement I don’t think it would have been the same outcome, nor would we have the story of their decision reversal in this issue. I said before that it would take political pressure and that’s exactly what Manchin, Brent Boggs and the outcry of community support accomplished. I don’t know all the internal workings, but I have been told that turmoil often results in falling stock prices. Obviously, that’s something that Kroger didn’t want in light of the obstacles that have come up with their merger.

Bottom line is… we have been given a year. Improvements seem likely for the local Kroger store. They are much needed so that’s great. I hope they will consider expanding into the old CVS location as well. Now it’s our turn to step up. We need to patronize Kroger. If we don’t… that ugly headline from our November 1 edition is very likely to make a reappearance. Joe Manchin has opened the door… now it’s on us!!!