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Kroger news… not good

If you get this issue on Tuesday and you haven’t voted, please go vote.

By Tuesday of last week, I still had not received a return call from Kroger regarding the inquiry I placed previously So, I called again. This time I was successful in speaking with someone in the corporate office but the response I received was anything but positive. 

I explained the local position and ask if there was anything that could be done locally to persuade Kroger to reconsider the closing. While the gentleman was polite in listening to my argument, he was quick to say that nothing could be done and in fact… “it’s a done deal” was his answer.

I understand that numerous local residents as well as community and state officials have contacted Kroger’s corporate office. The indication is that the calls are at the very least an annoyance, but apparently little more than that. That’s not to say that we should give up. We should continue our fight.

In reality, I doubt that Kroger is going to change their mind. However, the immense local interest will aid in attracting a replacement.

While it is premature to speculate, there have been contacts made with other food distributor and some have expressed interest in learning more. Keep your fingers crossed.

A good weekend…

How about this weather? The weekend was just about as perfect as it gets, particularly considering its November. I took advantage of the weather and finished up my boat winterization chores. We covered a pontoon that Doug Martin and I jointly own. Doug came down from Bridgeport on Sunday afternoon and winterized the motor so she’s all set for her winter nap.

My next project is my motorcycle which has needed attention all summer and I never got around to it. Over the previous winter the gasoline went bad in the tank, and I need to drain it. I may have to take the carburetor off and clean it as well, but I’m going to try fresh gas first to see if that will get her running. It not a big job. Its just one that I have had a very difficult time getting to.

I have also noticed that my lake weekends have really let my chores around the house pile up. I have painting that needs done. A porch banister that needs replacing as well as some interior work that needs attention.

I hope this weather prevails a little longer so I can get the outside work completed. Of course, at my age I will probably have to recruit help with some of the projects. At any rate… my winter To Do… list is very long.