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New business in Gassaway offers a variety of “old” goods

By Shirley Shuman
On October 25, Mark and Betty Dudley opened the Treasure Trove at 714 Elk Street in Gassaway. As its name implies, the business has a genuine “trove” of goods in a wide range. The couple moved their business, previously at Little Otter, to Gassaway, where they have found “friendly people and nice surroundings.”
Explaining why they chose the type of business they operate, Mark Dudley answered, “We like old things, and we had quite a collection from which we started the business.” He did note that they have added extensively to what they had originally, and the store itself certainly shows a wide array of goods.
In naming what they offer, the owners began with primitive items, which the two appreciate, and continued with antiques, of which they have many. One of the most interesting of the antiques is an old school desk-and-chair combination that is adjustable and is in perfect condition. Another which may appeal to many is a treadle Singer sewing machine which needs only a belt to operate effectively.
For those who once read the Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys series of books, the Dudleys have sets which might interest collectors. They also have for sale old license plates from different areas. Continuing with smaller items available, the customer can find interesting glassware and dishware as well as knives and coins and even cap pistols. Among the larger items, their offerings include a buffet and a table and chairs, all antiques.
In addition to all of this, the store’s inventory includes health and nutritional products. These include vitamins and minerals, and Dudley indicated they will soon have more herbal combinations. Everything, he noted, is homeopathic, including a liquid copper formula supposedly for health maintenance and silver hyderol. One of the most fascinating item in the entire store is an ear-wax candle. Recommended to remove ear wax, the item has a pointed end which goes into the ear canal, and on the other end is a candle which one lights. Purportedly, the candle draws the wax out of the ear.
To provide an interesting experience to prospective customers or just curious visitors, Treasure Trove is open, and the owners invite the public to drop in for a visit.