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Public’s help needed to solve animal cruelty case

Talking about animal cruelty within a small community is never easy.  We would all like to think that none of our friends and neighbors are capable of such things.   But when these acts are discovered, it is best to collectively try to identify the responsible person(s) and hold them accountable. Luke Nettles, Braxton Co. Humane Officer, would agree, adding that it not only may prevent future acts of animal cruelty, but these individuals may also be capable of similar acts of violence against people. 

On Sunday, September 18 at about noon, I motorist discovered a large black garbage bag tied with a knot laying in the middle of Newville Rd, approximately 1/12 mile from the Airport Rd. intersection.  She stopped to move the object out of the way of traffic, only to discover that the bag contained a panic-stricken mother cat who had just given birth to four kittens.  The Good Samaritan states that two of the newborn kittens were dead at the time of discovery, and that the mother was covered in blood from the birthing process.   She was able to quickly gather them and put them into her vehicle, taking them to her home to clean up momma and try to get her to nurse the kittens.  She contacted Just One Generation cat rescue for assistance and was put in touch with a local foster family who quickly assumed care of this victims.

According to Dr. Sally Stewart, program coordinator of the rescue program, it is nothing short of a miracle that the momma and at least two of the offspring survived the ordeal. “It took the mother almost 2 days to recover from the emotional trauma of her ordeal, but she is now settling into her new environment and caring for the two kittens.  Her foster mother has named her Phoenix, like the mythological bird who rose from the ashes to new life.  We think that is an appropriate name for her, and will do our best to see that she will always have someone to love and care for her from this time forward.”

The reward for information leading to a citation of the individual(s) responsible for this criminal act has grown to $500.   Confidential information can be given to Human Officer Luke Nettles at 304-765=2200 or Sally Stewart, Just One Generation program director at 304-689-0145.